Daily Archives: October 27, 2010

The Big Bad Thyng

I just added more players to the cast list of THE BIG BAD THYNG for this weekend . . . there’s still some time to join us for this interactive drama live action roleplaying game costume party pot luck thingie . . . but please contact me soon. See http://www.interactivedramas.info/tbadthyng.htm for complete details. – Brian

Rocky Horror Glee Show

Well . . . the Phillips clan here in Taiwan has been looking forward to the Rocky Horror episode of Glee since we first heard about it. The Rocky Horror Glee Show was worth the wait . . . but . . . it left us wanting more, much more actually. Now that we’ve seen…

3D Television Here but Not Here

Lorraine and I saw a Panasonic 3D TV and 3D Bluray player at Costco yesterday . . . however, no movies bundled to view the with the beastie and it looks like 3D content is not coming fast enough to make purchases of 3D equipment worthwhile for most folks. Actually, the situation seems to be…