Eroticatrance Online Erotic Hypnosis Course

Erotic Hypnosis Certification

An Online Mentoring Tutorial in
Erotic Hypnosis Specialist Certification

Brian David Phillips, Ph.D., C.H.

For correspondence or for questions, please contact Brian David Phillips at

DATES: Dec. 7, 21, and Jan. 4 (three tutorial group online chat sessions on Tuesday at 10:00am Taipei time – use the Time Zone Converter at for the date and time for your time zone)

LOCATION: SET Examinations with BDP private group on the Community platform hosted by the Society of Experiential Trance (note, you must maintain your own Gold Membership in the Community in order to access the course room)
COURSE HOURS: Three Sessions, 10:00-11:30am (Taipei time) plus additional video lectures plus self-practice and assignments
LIMITED SEATING: Positions in the class are limited and filled on the basis of first-come first-served.
PREREQUISITE: EROTICATRANCE DVD set ownership is required, Gold Membership in the Community is required for the duration of the course, experience not required but members must be 18 years of age or above
COURSE FEE: See options at Please note registration close dates and penalty fees following course fees.
REGISTRATION: contact Brian David Phillips at with questions.

Beginning 7 Dec. 2010, Brian David Phillips will begin conducting an online mentoring tutorial and specialist certification program in EROTICATRANCE EROTIC HYPNOSIS SKILLS. See details on the Online Hypnosis Certification Course Program at

This is a biweekly group discussion and chat series to accompany the Eroticatrance Erotic Hypnosis DVD video program, covering all of the skillsets required for Erotic Hypnosis Specialist Certification with the Society of Experiential Trance.

Participants will be asked to follow a syllabus of assignments and self-directed practice as well as perform a series of assignments in which they video themselves performing each skillset from memory. These videos will be submitted to the instructor for feedback discussion and examination evaluation (note that due to the sensitive nature of the course, participants may choose whether or not to share their videos with their classmates in the course – all materials are kept strictly confidential).

Those who attend all sessions, complete all assignments, and pass the video-based skill examination (homework assignments may be used for video examination submissions) will receive Specialist Certification in Erotic Hypnosis with the Society of Experiential Trance (SET membership is required in order to receive specialist certification, although those who are not yet Certified Hypnotists with the Society receive their specialist certification if they receive SET certification within one year of the completion of this course).

Students who do not complete or pass their video examination by the completion period of the course may re-take the examination within one year to receive their examination and certifications gratis.

Anyone is welcome, regardless of levels of previous experience (however, participants must be age 18 or above).

This is a hands-on workshop. Brian David Phillips will offer mentoring advice while students take the materials and practice on their own. It is very important that participants plan their time to include private study and practice.

Within the EROTICATRANCE tutorial, we will explore a number of experiential hypnosis techniques, including insights that Brian David Phillips has provided in the Eroticatrance Erotic Hypnosis Video Course (participants must have or purchase a copy of the DVD set in order to register with the course).

You may see the content of the video series we will be following for this course at while the skillset examination requirements we will be covering can be found at Those wishing to purchase the DVD program may do so along with their course registration in a special promotional package below.

The formation of in-person practice groups to go through material is strongly encouraged. As such, students who opt to enroll via the Foursome Special group discount receive a steep advantage in pricing (usually, the group discount is for three persons but the assumption here is that two couples might explore the material together).

Previous knowledge of Hypnosis is not required. Ownership of the Eroticatrance Erotic Hypnosis DVD set is required.

See details on the Online Hypnosis Certification Course Program at

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