Breathing Orgasms . . . yes indeed

Fasten your seatbelts . . . this is a long post . . . with a whole LOT of video examples.  As Molly Bloom might breathe, “yes I said yes I will Yes” so sit back or recline with Molly and begin breathing your yes and so very much more.


BREATHEROTIC is the term I use to refer to Breathing Erotic Energization and Breathing Orgasms, specifically to Erotic Energy Breathing Trance Techniques that utilize breathing and visualization as a means to erotically energize a person, with an aim at building an erotic charge into ecstatic orgasm experience. Yes, you really can have orgasms from simply breathing . . . well, breathing in just the right way, that is. Actually, this isn’t a new thing, not by far. Humans have been using breathing and focused trance techniques for millennia in order to achieve ecstatic and even orgasmic experiences, often the two combined. Some humans are particularly experientially gifted and can achieve the full experience very quickly through mental focus alone while others fine that through a practice regime they improve more and more with each session. Breatherotica, like experiential hypnosis, is both an attribute and a skill. Some of us are born gifted and others require more practice to increase their ability. Either way, it’s certainly a very enjoyable experience.

As many of you know, recently on the Hypnosis Technique Exchange (, we have had some discussion of the HANDS FREE NO TOUCH ORGASM and THINKING-OFF (, much of the discussion of which was related to mental orgasms and some of the work of Barbara Carrellas (to go the post cited for more discussion and related videos, including Carrellas in action as well as neurological studies being done on her type of mental orgasm).

While the discussion at the exchange has mostly been in regard to the idea of the mental orgasm and how to accomplish one through hypnosis, there has also been some discussion of Carrellas and her book, Urban Tantra. It should be noted, as I previously posted, that Carrellas makes no claims to being a hypnotist or using hypnotic methods . . . although the mainstream media presentations have focused on her use of the terms mental orgasm and think-off to describe her method which does sound a lot closer to hypnosis than the traditional approach to energy orgasms or the like.

As hypnotists, we can’t really address her model . . . in terms of the energy . . . and it honestly isn’t as interesting an area of pursuit than for us to explore how we can enhance her methods with suggestion or accomplish the same effects via hypnosis. That to me is far more interesting.

As readers here know, I have had an interest in Eroticatrance (erotic hypnosis) for some time and have devoted a very large part of my blog to the subject ( and am the author of one of the most comprehensive video products available on the subject (, especially if one considers the very in-depth and very comprehensive pleasure hypnosis package ( we offer that combines eroticatrance with core skills, experiential ecstasy, and a whole slew of other approaches to hypnotically enhancing or creating pleasurable experience with a trance partner (seriously, this is an extremely comprehensive package, the top of the line instructional package for Ultimate Ecstasy Pleasure Hypnosis for any context).

A while back, I presented a webinar at the Community on ENERGY ORGASMS ( and the audio recording is in the special audio archives there for those with an interest in exploring a number of approaches to this subject (

Even more recently, just a couple weekends ago, I presented a room trance at the Community which was essentially a short discussion with a demonstration of BREATHEROTIC ( which is an approach to Erotic Energy Breathing Trance, a trance-based approach to creating erotic states within a consenting trance partner.

There are two generalized approaches to this and both employ breathing as an erotic accelerator. The first approach is straightforward breathing and one essentially one attaches energized erotic feelings to a process of deep breathing. The second approach employs the visualization of colors associated with the chakras and intensifies the energetic connection of erotic experience flowing through the body.

I incorporated a bit of both approaches in my demonstrational room trance. I’ve split the audio into two separate files, one with the discussion and the other with the actual process so that folks can more readily listen to one or the other. The audio files are in the special audio archive at the Community ( for those who would like to check it out.

Now, be forewarned that there is a huge difference between a room trance or an audio file and a live session. When working with folks one-on-one, I can work the experiential trance feedback loop to more effectively connect the erotic sensations to the exercise and in such cases breatherotic orgasms are quite common . . . yes, just breathing leads to orgasm . . . but, it’s not just any sort of breathing. Since I don’t know your level of imaginative involvement and focus within the experience as you listen to what is essentially a one-way process, your mileage may vary (although, I’ve had emails from quite a few folks who had very worthwhile experiences and even very powerful orgasms just from listening to my files of this type).

So, when discussions of this type come up, I am more than happy to dive in, such as the previous discussion we had here on Orgasms, Energy Orgasms, and More ‘Gasms or Belief Systems and Effective Modalities seen at for those who wish to give it a peek.

Of course, there’s a lot of work already out there in this area . . . as we’ve seen from numerous previous posts here and elsewhere. Folks can check the material I’ve posted on the subject but here are some quick variations as well . . .


Annie uses a variation of a tantric practice here – you can see her description of her main energy practice at
– much more kinesthetic than the process I described in my Energy Orgasms webinar, although we did cover this sort of energy orgasm as well. The clip above is from the Amazing World of Orgasm DVD. Speaking of Dr. Sprinkle, she is contributing an article to be published in the upcoming Erotic Trance theme issue of the Journal of Experiential Trance – see for details on this special theme issue (it is not too late for YOU to submit your contribution as well . . . submit NOW!).


This video clip with multiple orgasmic bliss at (sorry, no embeds for this one) is a promo for the Hearts Cracked Open: Tantra for Women Who Love Women DVD currently available via the link for those who wish to explore another take on the subject.


The folks at New World Sex Education discuss how breathing can enhance your sex life, particularly the experience. Yes, folks breathing is important for during sex . . . not just to create a sexual experience as in Breatherotic type experiences but to enhance sexual experience generally as well.


Here’s an interesting group tantric orgasm experience demonstrated as part of an interview . . . yes, I know some folks might find the openness uncomfortable . . . so play with a different style that is appropriate for YOU . . . but the group demonstration of standing breathing energy orgasm is well worth the looksee. Yes, been there, done that . . . and enjoyed the trip. Now folks who’ve played with my Two Into One, Ouija Dancing, eXperiential Trance Dance, and other patterns might think about some interesting variations they can play with. Here’s a secret hint from someone who knows from a LOT of experience with this sort of thing and who has successfully taught many to enjoy their sensual lives well beyond anything they had previously imagined . . . very very well beyond . . . take the mundane approach you learned and substitute “eros” or “pleasure” or “erotic” or “sensual” into the experience instead of relax or other key words. Just as I teach folks to use Positive Rider Suggestion Words in their guided imagery work, so to can Positive Erotic Suggestion Words turbocharge the eroticisim of any other process or method. Yes, it can be that simple. It doesn’t have to be if you don’t want it to be, but it can be.


Sherri Winston demonstrates a three-breath orgasm, basically a trigger setup similar to the abbreviated conditioned approach Barbara Carrellas uses in the CNN interview we saw in a previous post on the blog. Yes, you can be your own Pavlov with the breathing as your bell and the orgasm as your salivating dogness (crude comparison but accurate). Sherri is most likely using the auditory component here as an add-on anchor set for her experience, your mileage may vary. If you’re less outgoing you can use a simpler quieter association if you wish.


Ignore the comments on this video, they are both rude and inaccurate – especially some of the youtube pontifs who think they know what they’re talking about but go desperately out of their way in proving that they do not know that thing called squat. Focus more on her kinesthetic experience than on the description or language. Of course, we’ve seen this sort of thing in a previous post but it’s worthwhile to see other examples.


Part One of an interview between Nina Hartley and Barbara Carrellas worth noting for the background information it provides.


The second part of the Nina Hartley interview with Barbara Carrellas.

Of course Energy Orgasms and Breatherotic and the like are not the only way to achieve the desired effects of suggested experiential orgasm. Far from it, as regular readers of this blog know.

I’ve done a lot of work on pleasure states and suggestion and am happy to share . . . many vanilla processes or techniques can be adapted to erotic work as well.


The Engergizer is a simple process which connects energetic experience to feeling good. Naturally, one’s vocality can indirectly suggest just what sort of good feeling one might experience. This is a clip from a Walkabout Trance I did as part of a workshop I conducted in street hypnosis with a group of hypnotists in which we did random walkup trance experience with members of the public at the Taipei Zoo Mall.

Please be very aware of your tonality when using this pattern as it’s one of the ones where it is very easily to accidentally lead someone into an unintended erotic experience . . . including spontaneous orgasm . . . and, yes, I am speaking from experience. Watch that your tonality leads a person into an appropriate experience for the context. Having said that, I know that a few folks sat forward in their chairs with gleeful excitement upon reading that line . . . thinking they now have a powerful tool for mind rape . . . go take a cold shower. there are folks who attempt to inappropriately lead someone into an erotic experience with this who fail miserably because they are projecting their agenda – which usually gives off a very strong Captain Creepypants vibe – and they have not built appropriate rapport and consent with their “target” (they think target, while I work with trance partners). Do NOT be Captain Creepypants, no good will come of it and you are more likely to get slapped or kicked in the balls than laid. Seriously, if you want to learn how to use this sort of stuff in seduction contexts . . . consensual seduction, that is . . .


The Positive Emotional Flood Accelerator is particularly adapted to flooding a person’s sense experience with positive emotions. This demonstration is not specifically erotic, many use the same process for metaphysical work. However, it is easily adapted to appropriate consenting adult erotic contexts. Obviously, the connection between metaphysical or introspective ecstatic experience and erotic experience is very clear with this process.


In this video clip, I work with a young lady in her first ever hypnotic experience during one of my stage hypnosis shows in Taipei. Now, the drinking finger suggestion and similar hypnodrunk bits are some of my favorites. However, note her kinesthetic response to the suggestion. This is a comedy performance but the process is very easily adapted to more private experiences.

Honestly, despite the entertainment context, this sort of experience can very readily be compared to various ecstatic experiences achieved through certain metaphysical practices.


The previous drunken suggestion demonstration was done as part of a performance with a young woman who had been previously hypnotized as part of the general induction for the show. However, here you can see similar powerful response with a volunteer who is not previously hypnotized and who goes through the process as a waking suggestion and no instructions for eye closure. This Hyp-No-Sleep process (see my seminar on the subject – – today happens to be the last day folks can register and receive the Early Bird bonus) is very worthwhile and can be adapted to breatherotic or similar contexts as well.


This is a very simple speed hypnosis induction tapped into a pleasure state suggestion. This is the first time the volunteer had ever been hypnotized and she was actually skeptical of the experience . . . note her physiological shifts as the idea of pleasure is brought forward via suggestion . . . especially, when one adds in a sliding anchor to the experience.

Obviously, she was no longer skeptical after the experience.


Of course, clickers are good too. Here we see the flooding of experience related to sexual response and the creation of an arousal and orgasm anchor set. For some reason I have a number of spare clickers for use with appropriate trance partner volunteers.

Naturally, I strongly encourage folks to check out my formal training products on this and related topics. For those who are particular interested in erotic hypnosis, the EROTICATRANCE product at offers a great deal on the subject.

The ULTIMATE ECSTASY PLEASURE HYPNOSIS PACKAGE at is particularly good value . . . for those who are not previously experienced with hypnosis as it includes the basic core skills set and for those who are already advanced but want to start taking their work with exotic inductions and ecstasy experiences to the next level and very much beyond . . . this set continues cutting edge techniques and processes that are very much over the edge and beyond.

All the best,

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