Automatic Dancing

A U T O M A T I C     D A N S I N G
T r a n c e       D a n c e
h a y a m i t a k a s i

eXperiential Trance Dance

May 22-23, Taipei

Here we go with another in a series of short video clips from Hayamitakasi which demonstrate Trance Dance via Hypnosis in a number of guises . . . recreational and performance-based:


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Now, while this approach works within the area of Trance Dance, the specific approach – while it shares some commonalities – is not exactly the same as the approach I take in my own upcoming seminar in eXperiential Trance Dance 靈動之舞體驗工作坊 which is coming up in May (, there are many different approaches to this material, and that's very much okay.

However, we certainly will be combining experiential hypnosis with trance dance modalities for some very powerful results.

I do look forward to sharing and experiencing eXperiential Trance Dance with many of you coming up in the May 22-23 seminar in eXperiential Trance Dance (please register at early so you can get the bonus gifts I have prepared for you, there are limited sets which are actually valued at a higher price than the small price of the experience, at least for those who act soon).

Do note that, when we work within eXperiential Trance Dance or 靈動之舞體驗工作坊 we are not talking about random conscious movement but in terms of ideally an extension of ideomotor effect and automatism except – as in so many of the processes I use within my hypnosis and metaphysical work such as penulums, ouija, automatic writing, automatic drawing, and other automatisms – we are using the entire system to create the ideomotor or automatismic movement that in turn expresses the unconscious mind and often creates pattens of expression with an energetic FEELINGexperientially feeling the flow of the energy within one at the emotional and physical level rather than as a conscious experience of rationality. When placed in appropriate ritual and context, these processes can lead us to deeper understanding of ourselves and even healing . . . the goal is true trance movement, not simply flailing around but genuine automatism . . . although, there are certainly benefits to flailing around if one chooses to do so . . . however, the goal of our practice is genuine trance and genuine experiential trance dance and the self-discovery, insight, changework, and recreational joy that comes with it.

I look forward to dancing with many of you in May . . . go to and make sure you have your spot reserved now.

All the best,

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