3D Cosplay at NTU

The Phillips Clan, Taiwan Branch, headed over to National Taiwan University this weekend.  Kaye went early on both Saturday and Sunday so she could meet up with friends while Lorraine and I went later in the day.

The Comic World Taiwan comic book convention was in full swing and in Taiwan that means Cosplayers, lots of them, and this year there were megalots of people at the event both days.  For those unfamiliar with cosplay (well, you must not be a regular reader of my blog), COSPLAY = COSTUME + ROLEPLAY, basically it's folks dressing up as their favorite comic book, anime, manga, cartoon, videogame, and film characters and standing around while other folks dressed up in costume take photos of them.  Some folks specialize in the costume side of the hobby and others in the photography but mostly folks do a bit of both and have a lot of fun.  Some costumes are awesome and others not so awesome but it doesn't matter as it's also a big social holiday for the comic book fans to hang out with one another.

The weather turned for the better just in time for the weekend, although Saturday was still a bit overcast while Sunday had beautiful weather.

Natually, I brought along my Fuji W1 Real 3D digital camera and took a lot of shots (megalots, considering Lorraine and I weren't at the event too long either day).

Here are a few of the images I captured . . .


My daughter Kaye has been cosplaying since she was about four years old – as regular readers know from all the photos I've posted of her through the years.  Now that she's in high school, she's started going to the events with her friends rather than waiting for her parents to drag her around.  However, dear old Dad is a comic book nerd too and likes to take photos of the events so he'll usually show up anyway. Here's a parallel 3D shot of Kaye in full costume with Lorraine.  If there is no resemblance between daughter and mother here, the costume is a big bit of that.  I hadn't seen Kaye in costume before we arrived and so she and her friends were standing right in front of us and I didn't SEE them.  Took a couple doubletakes to realize that gray-haired golden-eyed creature with the read tie was my daughter (yes, she's wearing contact lenses to change her eye color – we searched all over Taipei to find a pair with just the right shade for the character she was to play).  For those wondering, Kaye's natural eye clor is brown, although a bit lighter shade of brown than her mother's while mine are bluegrey.


I got a real kick out of this costume.  This is a very very well done version of Soichi Negishi's metal costume from manga Detoroito Metaru Shiti (that's Detroit Metal City for those unfamiliar with the manga).  I love the movie version which has Gene Simmons of KISS as a guest player.


It was fairly easy to find this young woman playing a Na'vi, all you had to do was look for the largest most insanely huge crowd of frantic photographers.  See the full gallery for some of the full body shots but this is an amazing costume job.  She is in full body paint (including her bare feet) and the fact that she's naturally tallish helped quite a bit with the illusion.  While the 3D of the photos I took help, they still don't do the beauty and detail of this costume justice.


Kaye really liked this pair as Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes.  They did a very good job and Kaye was struck by how much they look like Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayals of the famous sleuths.  Okay, Kaye isn't the only one who liked them . . . I was blown away (I love Sherlock Holmes and devoured all of the stories when I was young and still enjoy them).


Here's an anaglyph from my gallery of red-blue versions of many of the parallel shots taken with my Fuji Real 3D camera.  This is for the folks who don't know how to view parallel 3D photos and are pretty much just familiar with the red-blue glasses.

My full set of shots from this event can be found in my 3D Cosplay galleries at http://public.fotki.com/briandavidphillips/cosplay/3d/ - there are anaglyph and parallel albums there (more in the parallel than the anaglyph).  The images in the Fotki site are fuller in size to get much better detail than can be shown here.

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