New Affiliate Program now online for our Hypnosis Training DVDs

Chao  We've had a number of requests for this and so we've decided to make our AFFILIATE PROGRAM public for those who wish to earn with our Hypnosis Training DVD products.

That's right, now YOU can earn money selling our outstanding hypnosis training programs.

Our training products now have associated affiliate programs so that those who help promote the products can earn 25% off of every sale.  So, for example, if someone buys the PSYCHIC HYPNOSIS at the regular retail price of US$400 through your affiliate pitch, then you earn US$100.

For folks who have their own appropriate-content mailing lists, we have a special AFFILIATE PARTNER PROGRAM where you can earn 50% of each sale of our products.

See for information on how you can join the regular AFFILIATE PROGRAM as well as details on how to qualify for the AFFILIATE PARTNER PROGRAM.

Please do note the affiliate guidelines.  While we very much want to help you earn money through our programs, we strongly frown upon unethical business practices and will ban persons from the program who indulge in illegal or unethical promotional activities.

We look forward to working with YOU and helping you to grow your affiliate business with us.


Want to make extra money? Sign up for our Affiliate Program and earn 25% of every sale of each BRIAN DAVID PHILLIPS WAKING DREAMS HYPNOSIS DVD set sold through your special affiliate link. Go HERE to sign up! This and other products available.

We have a SPECIAL AFFILIATE PARTNER PROGRAM available for approved partners with appropriate-content mailing lists of 30,000+ subscribers or other special program affiliates. Earn 50% on each sale. Contact Brian David Phillips via email with your appropriate details to apply for the special affiliate partner program. See HERE for details.

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