JOURNAL of EXPERIENTIAL TRANCE premiere issue now online (free download)

The premiere issue of the JOURNAL OF EXPERIENTIAL TRANCE is now available for free download within the issues archive at

The J.E.T. is an Open Community Multi-Discipline Peer-Reviewed Journal of Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming, Guided Meditation, and other Focused Trance Forms.

It is published online by the Society of Experiential Trance – in online and print format. Membership in the Society is NOT required to submit and article or to participate in the Journal community at large.

The current/premiere issue of the J.E.T. can be found in the issue archives at – it is freely downloadable in pdf format so feel free to point folks to the link to access a number of very interesting articles and essays related to hypnosis by a number of highly respected hypnosis practitioners. Like the hypnosis community, the focus of the articles in the premiere issue of the J.E.T. represent a very wide range of interests. The premiere issue includes the following:

  • Mystical Therapy by Don E. Gibbons
  • Get the Most Out of Positive Thinking: How to Create Effective Affirmations by Sheilah Davis
  • Archetypal Hypnotic Comics Characters by Terry O’Brien
  • Piercing Eyes and Esoteric Passes of Entrancement (Nineteenth Century Popular Literary Understandings of Trance Phenomena) by Brian David Phillips
  • What Is Hypnosis? by Jack Elias
  • Client Centered Parts Therapy by Roy Hunter
  • How To Dominate Local Search in Google Using Free Publicity Marketing Techniques by Craig Eubanks
  • Who Else Wants to Create Unbelievably Excessive Demand for Their Business? by Susan Fox
  • Hypnotic Scripts Suggestive Therapy by Richard Nongard
  • Considerations for Medical Hypnosis Imagery by Seth-Deborah Roth
  • Hypnotherapy Privacy Technique by Bryan M. Knight
  • The Erotic Mirror Room (An Erotic Hypnosis Process) by Brian David Phillips

As this is the premiere issue, currently, anyone can download the current issue for free. After we have a couple more issues under our belt, access will change so that the current issue would only be available to members of the Society of Experiential Trance for free download (anyone can purchase a print issue of current or back issues). Back issues will remain free to download by anyone.

Obviously, membership in the Society is never required to have your work considered for publication in the journal. Society members do receive Continuing Education Credits for publication in the Journal of Experiential Trance.

Feel free to snarf a copy of the 1.1 (Sept. 2009) premiere issue with now via the issues archive link at

As the journal has a revolving publication schedule, submissions are accepted at any time. When a submission is received, it is immediately placed into the review process. Pieces are published based upon time of acceptance and space within the current issue on a first-come first-served basis so that they are routed to the first available publication slot upon acceptance. The only exception to this general principle is theme issues as they occur (most issues are open-theme).  So, feel free to submit your contribution NOW.

Thank you to all the folks who submitted to the premiere issue . . . now . . . for those of you who have not yet submitted your ideas, thoughts, or techniques . . . we look forward to YOUR submission and your participation in this open hypnosis community outreach and development effort (Society of Experiential Trance membership, encouraged, but NOT required).

All the best,

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