Fairy Dragon Variations Redux Revisited

The Fairy Dragon or Magick Egg hypnosis process is one of my favorite original processes.  I really get a kick out of running it with folks, particularly those who've never experienced experiential hypnosis before.  It's a nice way to gauge a person's responsiveness and to delight their sensibilities.  It's become quite an international technique for me . . . although I've also received word from folks all over the planet who have found it useful for recreational and even therapeutic use.

As readers here at my blog know, I just posted a new video of the Fairy Dragon (Magick Egg) hypnosis process on the blog at http://briandavidphillips.net/2009/07/fairy-dragon-hypnosis.html . . . some of you have enjoyed this particular pattern and so you might enjoy the new video clip of me running the process on a young woman during my Speed Hypnosis Techniques course from last March in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The process itself was very loosely inspired by a slant reading I did of Frank R. Stockton's classic story "The Magic Egg" which is one of my favorite pieces of hypnosis fiction (although it is far from realistic).

There is a discussion of the pattern itself  in the essay "Fairy Dragon Variations: Adapting a Hypnotic Process to Your Needs" at http://briandavidphillips.net/2008/04/fairy-dragon-va.html with a hypnocast video episode at http://briandavidphillips.net/2008/04/fairy-dragon-ex.html that contains an explanation of the process along with an example clip of me running the process with a young woman in Taipei, Taiwan.  There is also a video clip of me running the process with Bollywood actress Raiya Sinha at http://briandavidphillips.net/2008/10/fairy-dragon-ra.html that was filmed in Mumbai, India.

Obviously, you can very likely imagine a number of contexts in which someone could use this sort of setup.  Certainly as a comedy or recreational process it has many applications but I have also used it as part of a stage show, a coporate and academic presentation, as well as for therapeutic sessions.

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For those looking for adult erotic applications, well you can imagine where one might gently stroke or what sort of shenanigans might go on for this sort of thing.

Folks attending the Erotic Hypnosis seminar I will be teaching (the Engineering eXperiential Erotic Ecstasy seminar at http://briandavidphillips.net/category/eroticatrance/) in August will be learning variations of these patterns and more.

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