The Haircut

Edit:  Since originally posting this, I have since added the Haircut Redux video to this post as per special request-slash-suggestion-slash-command from Lorraine who feels the longer video will have fewer folks reading the end credits with the pointers to the music source page which she seems to think is more important than the actual video itself and she might be right as the music is by Kaye Elizabeth Phillips (

This morning, I posted a tweet on my twitter ( that was echoed on my facebook ( that I was about to do something very silly . . . a few folks asked me whatever in the world that silliness would be . . . this photo might be a clue . . .

Lorraine did the honors (as always), stepping into her role of Delilah to my Samson without any sort of hesitancy. This is not the longest my hair has been before cutting so it's not the biggest style change I've seen in that regard (I once had near-waistlength hair cut to a GI buzz on television for a role in for which I appeared on stage in The Biloxi Blues for a mere thirty or so seconds – I was the assistant director and stage manager for the show and a number of the actors, particularly the leading man, were bitching and moaning about getting their hair cut so I told the director I'd go first to shut 'em up and they didn't have much room to moan after my soft curly locks started falling to the floor – by the way, my scene was in almost total darkness and I was mostly nude but unseen so I actually didn't have to have my hair cut but did so as I'm a bit odd that way – it is fun to change things up every once in awhile).

It's been a long while since I did any stage work (although that's my professional training with undergraduate and graduate degrees in theatre) and I do miss it sometimes. Back in the day, more than a few of my training directors, coaches, and teachers said that male actors should keep their hair long as it's a whole lot easier to have it cut for a role than it is to grow it out. Of course, that was back in the day when hair extensions and wigs were pretty damned easy to spot . . . oh, they still are today.

Here's the video we made of the cut for those who wish to see the images. Enjoy . . .

Abbreviated Chronological Version

This version of the video is the short and sweet no-fuss-no-mess chronological version of the piece.
If you're not reading this at the Life of Brian (which you should as the original post there includes the video embeds for your viewing convenience), the youtube is at

Long Artistic Non-Linear Version

This version is the original long artistic non-linear rendering. If you're not reading this at the Life of Brian (which you should), the youtube is at

Yes, I used different music for both versions of the video. Both songs are original compositions and performances by our favorite musician/composer on the planet, Kaye Elizabeth Phillips ( These are relatively early pieces for her but I like them.

When Lorraine held up my braid, I did the whole "no you cut to much" fake panic thing but she wasn't buying it. Kaye can't figure out why in the world I would want to have it cut, but she's used to it. I have been finding today that every once in awhile, I have been moving my hand to the back of my neck to adjust the position of my braid as has been my habit . . . phantom hair, that is.

It will take a while to get used to it . . . but by then I wouldn't be surprised if I've started growing it back.

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