LIFETRANCE seminar DVD set now LIVE!

Here we go!  The LIFETRANCE DVD set is now on pre-release sale.  This is the seminar that a LOT of folks have been asking for a DVD program of for years . . . so, we've finally built a good one for you (filmed in India).

The seminar covers:

  • Past Life Regression
  • Christos Variation (hypnotic approach)
  • Past Lives, Past Loves Imagery
  • Future Life Progression
  • Immediate Life Imagery
  • Life Between Life
  • Life Relationships Pattern
  • Lifegift Technique
  • . . . and more!

Additionally, for those with an interest, this video seminar covers all skillsets required to examine for Specialist Certification in Pastlife Hypnosis with the Society of Experiential Trance (

Folks who go to our online shop at can purchase this two-DVD program which is a comprehensive seminar on techniques of past life regression, future life progression, and other lifetrance hypnosis processes for a celebratory pre-release price of US$100 . . . that's a one third saving from the full retail price!

However, folks who have joined our FAN pages on FACEBOOK at have an opportunity for even further savings.

YOU can go to our secret FAN-only webpage and purchase the set for only US$75 . . . that's half the retail price!  I have posted the secret webpage in a Fan-only update on Facebook.  Check your updates in your inbox.  Do not fret if you don't join the fanpage in time, I will repost in a couple weeks . . . but the folks who are already there get first crack at the specials.

This is a pre-release celebration sale.  DVDs will ship after the release date of June 15 when the product price goes to US$150.

Note:  Nope, the image used in this post isn't really of me with one of my past lives, those are photographs of my great+grandfather, Quanah Parker.

All the best,

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