Wow. We had a wonderful time doing the SEDUCTION MINDTRICKS 情場高手速成班 variation of our comedy show last night. We had a wonderful audience. I have the impression some folks were expecting a more traditional comedy hypnosis show and this is not that and so it took a moment to get into the groove of the thing for them but we had a sense that most folks had a good time, even the ones who were expecting the more classic hypnoshow.

Of course, having so many enthusiastic folks makes me want to mix the format back up and do another more conventional fast-paced hypno-effects type show, something that jumps right into it and rolls with the flow (speaking of which, the hypnoshow during the last trip to India turned out quite fun and the one we did two weeks back in Malaysia was a mega-hoot and a half, there was video taken but the organizers haven't sent anything to me yet).

The video for this performance of SEDUCTION MINDTRICKS 情場高手速成班 turned out awful. The comedy club is just too dark to shoot video if I leave the stage and interact with the audience which is something I really prefer to do. We have some video from the venue for a few of our shows but the videographer basically insisted that the lights on stage and in the house be turned way up and even then I was confined to the stage. Video is nice to get but the flow of the show is more important.

The SEDUCTION MINDTRICKS 情場高手速成班 show is more infocomedy with a few mindtricks from NLP and waking hypnosis thrown in. It's a comedy club extension of some of the work we do regarding influence and seduction training. Last year, Lorraine asked me to start offering courses in seduction as it's a skillset that a whole lot of folks need some basic background in.  Yes, I teach formal programs in seduction mainly because my wife have asked me to share the knowledge.

We started the SEDUCTION MINDTRICKS 情場高手速成班 show as shift-off show for the comedy club and it's been a nice runner for us but we do need to keep things shifting when at the same venue.

As always, Lorraine did a wonderful job interpreting my blathering in English into some semblance of polite Chinese (although I didn't help her any and did some playful jibes regarding interpretation for fun – if you were there, you know whereof I speak and just how much she has to put up with sometimes). Of course, there were a couple points where I would forget she needed to interpret as I would get excited and keep trudging through and there were a couple points where she forgot she needed to interpret as she listened to the patter).

We will most likely have our next show at the Comedy Club in May (my guess is that it will be a weekend or two before our upcoming EROTIC HYPNOSIS seminar weekend – which folks should register for now so they can take advantage of the Early Bird discount package and receive the free bonus CDs and DVDs, including the brand new eXperiential Ecstasy four-DVD program which retails for more than the cost of the course – see for product details) and most likely will shift back to a more traditional adult comedy hypnosis format for that one, although still in the consensual risque model. It's been a while since we performed the orgasm chair or the voodoo love doll publicly so those are gags we are likely to put into the setlist. Less on the infocomedy, which is fun in and of itself, and more on the effects. We are likely to set the dates in the next couple of weeks.

Actually, while we set the show gag list, if there's a format or sort of thing fans are interested in, let us know and we'll see about getting it in there.  Honestly, I'll pretty much schedule anything if we know we've got enough happy folks ready to book seats into the venue (within risque reason that is, we don't do nudity or chairsex type gags in public performances but are happy to guide consensual adults into ecstatic, blissful, and orgasmic experiences and do some minor mindfrakking – see my video sets for that sort of thing).

Thank you to all the folks who came to the show and to those who hung around afterward when we were doing a bit of hypnoplay with some audience members and talking shop. We appreciate your support. If I didn't get a chance to chat with you or to pop you afterwards, sorry. There were a number of folks who came with a few friends who we really wanted to have a chance to chat with but got sidetracked before they had to go.

BTW, for those of you in Taiwan, don't forget the free workshop in MYTHIC MODELING next weekend. This is an experiential workshop so everyone gets to enter into trance and experience the processes so come and experience your favorite archetypes or become a mythic avatar of your own.

All the best,

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