Global Hypnosis eSummit Package evaporates March 21

The package associated with my presentations on "Ideomotor Hypnosis" and
"Gentle Speed Hypnosis" for the Global Hypnosis eSummit will be up through March
at but
after that date, it goes down and the package evaporates.

Included in this set, are the following products:

  • DVT01 COMPREHENSIVE BASIC COURSE (regular price US$300)
  • DVT10 SPEED HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUES (regular price US$400)
  • DVT13 GENTLE SPEED HYPNOSIS (regular price US$80)
  • DVT14 IDEOMOTOR HYPNOSIS Special Conference Release of this Unreleased DVD (regular price US$100)
  • DVT22 PENDULUM HYPNOTIC (regular price US$45)
  • DVT20 PHILLIPS INDUCTION Special Conference Release of this Previously Unreleased DVD (regular price US$85)

Yes, there are unreleased products included in this package as part of our celebration of the very first Global Hypnosis eSummit (, these products are not available otherwise (at least, not yet, although they will eventually be added to the Waking Dreams Hypnosis catalog).

PLEASE NOTE: The entire package normally sells for US$1010 but
is available for as a conference special for the amazing value price of
US$555.55 . . . but . . . after 21 March 2009, the package and the
bonus discount evaporates!

All the best,

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