Ideomotor Hypnosis DVD Pre-Release Sale

Pre-Release Sale

Techniques and Processes employing Ideomotor Effect
Two DVDs (69 min. and 68 min.)

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Pre-Release Sale Ends April 1.

This DVD set covers various techniques and processes that take
advantage of the ideomotor effect. The IDEOMOTOR HYPNOSIS program
covers a range of processes. The material is explained and demonstrated
with several examples.

Included in this set, are the following ideomotor hypnosis techniques:

  • Happy Balloons
  • Pendulum Ideomotor Induction
  • Pendulum Autoquestioning
  • Automatic Drawing
  • Change Hands
  • Sigils
  • Sitting Sway Test (Energy Breathing Hands)
  • Solo Ouija Dancing (Music of the Spheres)
  • Happy Toy Induction (Hand Shaking Suggestibility)
  • Ideomotor Hand Induction
  • Finger Signals
  • Ideomotor Suggestibility
  • Quoshia Animal Energy
  • Automatic Writing
  • Ouija
  • Finger Dance

The techniques are explained and then demonstrated.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a Pre-Release Sale,
product ordered at this time will be shipped after the official DVD
release date of 1 April 2009. After the official release date, the
product price will be the official release price of US$100.

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