Pendulum Hypnotic now out on DVD

We have decided to go ahead and release the PENDULUM HYPNOTIC DVD to the public.  As it's a short compilation program, we had previously limited it to private distribution.  However, enough folks have asked that we've decided to go ahead and release it to the general public.

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This Pendulum Hypnotic: Selected Trance Techniques Using Pendulums DVD covers a few common uses of pendulums including suggestibility effect, eye fixation ideomotor hypnotic induction, and pendulum autoquestioning. Each technique is explained with multiple examples of actual sessions. This is a short compilation product as the material comprising this DVD has been previously published in other products or presentations, including Speed Hypnosis Techniques, Gentle Speed Hypnosis, Ideomotor Hypnosis, Ideomotor Fun, and elsewhere, making this a comprehensive presentation on this particular subject.

Please note that various portions of this program were filmed in widescreen while other portions were filmed in standard screen format. This is due to multiple source video and not a fault in the DVD. This does not affect the quality of the presentation or the information. We regret any inconvenience.

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