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Gentle Approaches to Instant and Rapid Hypnotic Inductions
83 min.

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This DVD covers gentle and non-aggressive approaches to speed hypnosis. The GENTLE SPEED HYPNOSIS paradigm covers some of the same material found in other Speed Hypnosis products with an emphasis on how to perform the inductions within a gentle context. Some folks have the mistaken belief that speed hypnosis inductions must employ physical or emotional shocks. This program explains and demonstrates a number of very non-aggressive variants of instant and rapid hypnosis inductions. The material is explained and demonstrated with several examples.

Included in this set, are the following gentle speed hypnosis inductions:

    * Simple Suggested Relaxation
    * Eye Closure
    * Eye Lock
    * Progressive Relaxation
    * Muscle Tension Relaxation Induction
    * Eye Fixation
    * Pendulum Fixation
    * Hand Drop
    * Phillips Arm Pull
    * Energy Induction
    * Suggestibility Effects
    * Arm Levitation: Happy Balloons
    * Hand-Tingling
    * Emotional/Sensation Overload: Drunk
    * Rapid Hands Together Method
    * Clasped Hands
    * Finger and Thumb Shake Technique
    * Pencil Drop Rapid Induction
    * Stare

The techniques are explained and then demonstrated.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a Pre-Release Sale, product ordered at this time will be shipped after the official DVD release date of 12 March 2009. After the official release date, the product price will be the official release price of US$80.

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