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A Short Course in Intuitive Tarot Reading

Brian David Phillips, Ph.D., C.H.

This Course Features Mateiral
Never Before Taught in Taiwan

Open the book of knowledge, of the senses, of the
realm of intuitive understanding . . . shuffle, deal, reveal . . . and
. . . understand.



For correspondence, information in Chinese, or for questions regarding
Chinese interpetation, please contact Lorraine Yuk-Lan Law Phillips here.


DATES: Dec. 7, 2008
LOCATION: Taipei, Taiwan (Venue Announced After Registration Finalization)
COURSE HOURS: 7 hours (one day)
LIMITED SEATING: Positions in the class are filled on the basis of first-come first-served.
PREREQUISITE: experience not required
COURSE FEE: NT$3,500 – including lunch.   Ask about GROUP RATES and Save More!  Registration closes Nov. 30.
CANCELLATION FEES: Before Dec. 1, $1,500; after Dec. 1, no refund.
REGISTRATION: contact Lorraine Phillips here to register.  International guests should contact Lorraine about accommodation suggestions or other matters.


Course Description:

Take a look behind the curtain to separate the myth from the reality
and understand the inner workings of Tarot. Welcome to an introductory
course in intuitive Tarot methods. This is a practical course in the
theory and method of Tarot with a hands-on approach. Students will
learn various models and techniques for reading Tarot and receive
practical experience in each.

You will learn about the Tarot and its history with an emphasis
on the true history that dispels some of the common myths and
misconceptions. In addition, you will learn an approach to reading
Tarot that is fast, efficient, effective, intuitive, and extremely
meaningful at a personal level so that even those who are unfamiliar
with the cards will learn how to read them. Alternative approaches to
reading the cards will also be discussed. You will learn a number of
"spreads" or structures to lay out the cards for various kinds of



The course is taught by Rev. Dr. Brian David Phillips, an internationally
known and respected hypnosis practitioner, educator, author, and
entertainer. Dr. Phillips is President of the Society of Experiential Trance, is the editor of the peer-reviewed Journal of Experiential Trance and was the founding editor of the peer-reviewed Journal of Applied Hypnotic Arts and Sciences.
Dr. Phillips is the coordinator and chief instructor for the oldest
English-language hypnosis and focused-trance practice group in Taiwan
and is the owner and moderator of one of the largest online email
discussion communities related to hypnosis and focused trance
techniques. He has taught numerous workshops and seminars on hypnosis,
focused trance, and experiential hypnosis as well as a number of
webinars (web-based seminars) on these and related subjects. Dr.
Phillips is an associate professor at National Chengchi University. Dr.
Phillips uses rapid and instant hypnosis inductions routinely in his Waking Dreams Hypnosis Show, the only ongoing entertainment comedy hypnosis stage show in Taiwan.

Many of you know that Brian David Phillips loves Tarot, he has
collected various decks for their artistic and historical value for
many years, has a hobbyist interest in their history, is the list owner
of one of the oldest and more respected email lists related to the
subject (TarotL)
and even occasionally does readings, albeit usually not of a divinatory
nature (see the Metaphysical Trance Services section of the webpages
for various Trance Wizard activities).


Teaching Methods:

The material of the course will be presented in lecture then
demonstration and practice. Students will learn from informative
presentation and from doing. The course is taught in English (we provide English to Chinese interpretation for those requesting it, please contact Lorraine for details).


Course Materials:

If possible, please bring your own Tarot decks (three decks would be ideal).

Please, students may not use recording devices during the course.
However, the instructor may record portions of the training.
Participation in this seminar implies consent to be recorded on video,
audio, and photograph.


Online Resources:




For correspondence, information in Chinese,
or for questions regarding Chinese interpetation, please contact
Lorraine Yuk-Lan Law Phillips here.

See http://www.briandavidphillips.com/training/tarotintuitive.html for more information.

All the best,


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Brian David Phillips, PhD, CH [brian@briandavidphillips.com]
Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist, Intuitionist, Trance Wizard
President, Society of Experiential Trance
Associate Professor, NCCU, Taipei, Taiwan