Musical Warmth

My daughter Kaye ( has begun reporting to her mother and myself that when she plays the flute or the piano she has been noticing that her "head gets hot" . . . the room may not be particularly warm but she notices a particular warmth in her head after she finishes playing.  She loves music and as readers of Life of Brian know, she has always been particularly focused when playing piano which might as well be an extension of herself.  The other day she took an exam for flute at school and scored one hundred percent and so that has evidently slipped into her focus aparatus as well.  It’s an interesting way of experiencing "the zone" that so many of us strive to attain, a warmth or hottness in the head.  BTW, Kaye has finished a few new compositions.

In other musical notes, the other day I showed Kaye a video of a very young Osmonds performing Crazy Horses (my favorite Osmonds song from my youth – I played the original album so much way back then that I actually ruined the vinyl and had to buy a replacement).  She never saw them before and so the dance moves seemed comical (well, they are) . . .

. . . see for the video.  She had no clue who they were other than knowing Donny as "Joseph" from the DVD of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, a much older Donny.  So, I put in my Ultimate Osmonds CD (yes, I do indeed have such a collection sort of beastie) for the drive to and from school yesterday and she was singing along with a few of the songs
which I noted and we talked about the difference between writing pop music and classical sort of material like she normally writes.  We then watched the DVD of the Osmonds Fifty Year celebration in the evening (yes, I have that too and, yes, I was a bit bummed that I didn’t get to go to their concert when they hit Taipei last Summer, we all have quirks and the Osmonds are one of mine, among many many others . . . so there) which allowed her to see them as "old people" as she characterizes anyone in their late forties or beyond (quite a few of the screaming girls in the front row of the concert had white or silver hair). It was interesting that we noticed right away that the earlier versions of the songs had very strong and clear vocals and simple straightforward musical performance while the new versions have a whole lot of sound going on that sometimes makes it difficult to hear the vocals which are less steady or strong in quite a few places (albeit enjoyable).  The clips on the DVD of the various Osmonds as young people were  a bit more inspirational to Kaye I think as they talked in interviews about writing their own material.  As a youthful music-obsessed songwriter herself, such inspiration has great meaning and value.

All the best,

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