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I received the following query regarding the new "Hypnosis Core Skills DVD Course" http://www.briandavidphillips.net/store product . . .

Thanks Brian …What format are the DVDs in …will they play on Australian dvd players eg pal zone 4 or will I need to get an american dvd player eg Ntsc …..Would you be happy to answer any questions I had about anything on them and one last question …how long should I allow for shipping to Adelaide Australia? sorry to be a pain ….I will order the set. Thanks.

The DVDs for the "Hypnosis Core Skills DVD Course" http://www.briandavidphillips.net/store are NTSC format on DVDR. They are All Area so the zone is not an issue. They will play on any computer but the DVD player does have to be either multicompatible or NTSC. Lorraine tells me that a digital compatible TV should be able to play them. These are not PAL but NTSC – however, they will play on any computer.

I am not sure how long the shipping is to Australia. Should not be too long at all.

I am shipping from Taiwan.

I am happy to answer questions in regard to the content if you need any further clarification on the explanations given in the set – I would particularly encourage folks with content or clarification questions to ask them on the Hypnosis Technique Exchange at  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HypnosisTechniqueExchange so that others will benefit from the answers as well as any followup discussion joined in by others. I certainly endeavored to be as complete as possible in my explanations of each technique but I also realize that what may seem clear to one person may be a little less than crystal to another, more like muddy. The programs are set up in a talking head fashion focused on technique rather than theory (I figure that folks who want to know theory can read a book while videos best serve needs by providing demonstration). This series is NOT from a live class so there’s no fuzzy image from a camera at the back of a crowded auditorium. I wanted a more intimate and personal feel so the explanations are closeup shots of me talking directly to the viewer as a person and the demonstrations are fairly close shots of the action. Typically, each technique has an explanation followed immediately by a demonstration. Most folks will rewatch sections a number of times. I suggest that those who are unfamiliar with hypnosis treat the program as they would a distance course and that they first watch for content first then rewatch to take notes on technique, practice, then watch to review, and so on.

While I consider this a core skills program, a number of the techniques have rarely, if ever, been comprehensively demonstrated in this fashion before.

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