When Artistic Trance Becomes Art . . .

Sometimes hypnosis helps artists to create art . . . http://briandavidphillips.net/2008/06/coldplay-goes-h.html . . . and sometimes hypnosis is the art, or at least a major part of it.

On 22 April 2008, Raimundas Malasauskas once again ventured into the world of the paranormal . . . well, supposed paranormal . . . to date, his most famous stint of hosting a program (curator is his function) was back in 2002 when he began sending out emails to folks soliciting questions:  "Do you have a question for George Maciunas
(1938-1971), artist and the founder of the Fluxus Movement?" Then he
sat down with David Magnus, "an experienced psychic," who relayed the
questions to the deceased artist–and channelled back his responses.  According to one report, Yoko Ono wanted to know if Maciunas was still aware of what was going on in the world, and if so, what did he think about it? (web)

Raimundas Malasauskas: Can we ask him who he was in his
past life?
David Magnus: There might be a surprise, but he was an athlete, a
preacher. He had something to do with the Mormons. I don’t know what, I
am not familiar, but a religious sect. He is showing me Germany…
fascism, and I was saying: "That doesn’t look pretty," and he goes,
"They all aren’t all pretty, honey," … that kind of a thing … don’t
think yours are either.

When he talks about being a preacher, you know, he was, or at least
he felt connected to dictators. They were fascinating characters,
fascinating character studies for him. He saw himself, many times, and
he learned a lot. He observed them a lot. He found it so fascinating
that he could find a piece of himself in others. And I think it’s very
interesting what Mother Teresa said she found Hitler in herself. Small
part, but okay.

This year, he Malasauskas curated for Marcos Lutyens for his Hypnotic Show which was billed as an artistic seance of sorts (web) – see the prospectus on the web here.  Of course, if one is going to lock the doors during the show, it’s a good idea to let folks know in the prospectus (web).

Lutyens – http://www.lutyens.com – is no stranger to combining hypnosis and experiential trance with art and artistic presentation and creation.  He is an artist first and an experimental hypnotists second.  While the Hypnotic Show seance was an endeavor in which he asked artists to submit project proposals of the sort of thing they’d like to have approached during the seance (participants had to sign a release upon entering regarding demon possession – I will be doing a seance performance of my own during Ghost Month in Taipei in August and will likely use a similar tact, albeit my trance-based performance will be very different).

Some of his other trance or hypnosis based art project/presentations include:  Invisible College (web), Second Skin (web, web), Bestiary (web), Cycopolis (web), and more (web).

This coming Sunday, I will be doing my own trance-based performance with hypnosis but with the hypnosis presented contextually outside of traditional hypnotic performance setups.  My Trance Wizard show – http://briandavidphillips.net/2008/05/trance-wizard-p.html – isn’t quite the same as Lutyens’ seance but it definitely takes things outside the box as we use Tarot, pendulums, and more to explore metaphysical constructs, the occult, and the mind.

I find the work of folks like Orville Meyer, Enrique Enriquez, Brother Shadow, Ford Kross, Richard Busch, and a number of others to be particularly inspirational for this sort of work as they combine suggestion with imaginative involvement in a way that is truly artful and inspiring.

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