Hypnotic Scripts that Work

Hypnotic Scripts that Work by John Cerbone is a worthwhile addition to a hypnotist’s collection of resources.  Basically, this is a script book, however, unlike many such books, Cebone goes the extra distance and makes it very clear to readers that before using his scripts (and there are a LOT of them in this tome) they should read through them and adapt the language and suggestions to their own needs.

Cerbone has provided hypnotists with example scripts that fit a very wide range of hypnotherapy issues.

For me, I love scripts but never use them in my work.  Rather, as I encourage my students and others, I look at scripts as models of how to apply a particular process to a certain situation and then I look for the underlying process beneath the language so that I can then apply that process to a wide number of situations.  Cebone’s book is a very nice resource for just such an approach.

You can order the book directly from John Cerbone’s webpages (complete with a CD with all the scripts in pdf format ready to print individually) or get it here.  You can also find it showcased at the Experiential Hypnosis Bookstore in both the reviews and selected categories.

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