Bookstore Now Online

We’ve added a bookstore to our webpages.  You can go directly there via the pages at or just click on the bookstore link in the sidebars here or at our main pages at for convenient access.

Not a lot there right now, but we will be adding new products and categories over time (I probably will just have the one bookstore for all of my interests instead of several small stores for different sites and just expand the categories).

It will be easier to keep everything under one roof that way.

If there’s something you feel I really must list that’s available from Amazon, the let me know and I’ll consider adding it).  I will likely material sent to us for a reveiwer here in a category here and in the bookstore as well so it’s easier for folks to access.

All the best,

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Brian David Phillips, PhD, CH []Certified Hypnotherapist
President, Society of Experiential Trance
Associate Professor, NCCU, Taipei, Taiwan