Comic World Taiwan 16 . . . cosplay!

Last weekend, Aug. 11-12, 2007, the Phillips family headed off to the Comic World Taiwan 16 comic book and cosplay convention held at National Taiwan University in Taipei. Kaye went with friends on both days while Lorraine and I were there just the Saturday.

Kaye cosplayed as a character in the manga/anime Reborn and spent most of the time with a couple of her friends.  The friends were supposed to also be in costume but once again did not get them.

See the complete gallery of images we took during the weekend, go here.

For more of these images from Comic World Taiwan 16, go here.  For more Life of Brian cosplay images, go here.  For cosplay news in Taiwan from the good folks at Cospho Up Commision, see here (the next big event is Aug. 11-12).

All the best,

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