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Can you really influence emotional responses in others through suggestion?  Is Suggestive Suggestion something that can be used to link external stimuli to internal emotional or physical responses?  Yes.  As we’ve seen before in discussions here, we can easily work with individuals for Linking Hypnotic Responsiveness to Pleasure Responses and that works very well as we have discussed On Hypnosis and Extreme Pleasure Sensations.

What about groups? Can the same processes and techniques be used with larger groups. Yes. The following clip is a preview of just such a mass hypnosis program in which fifty girls were hypnotized. Just as in the previous video in this thread of essays, one of the demonstrations is that senses in one area can be transferred to another through suggestion and that automatic response can be built in through posthypnotic suggestion. The use of mass suggestion for pleasure response is also demonstrated as well as posthypnotic conditioning for automatic response patterns – in other words, the girls have an erotic emotional reactiona and begin stripping at the sound of certain music. There is no nudity in this video but the material is adult in nature . . .

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We’ll be covering these processes and many others in the Couples Hypnosis course I am teaching in Taipei this September but the video is of enough general interest I thought I would share it here. Obviously, you could use the same setup for non-erotic contexts as well (see the "magic finger" episode of my hypnocast for a video example of a process that does something like that).

The Couples Hypnosis seminar (Sept. 23-24) is my course on Hypnosis and Trance Techniques for Enhancing Romance and Intensifying Intimacy and is for consenting adults only.  It’s two full days of intensive material on the subject.  You are encouraged to sign up with a practice partner.  Couplese are preferred but singles are welcome.  Those who take advantage of the couple’s discount will be given additional homework to be fulfilled between classes. Obviously, due to the particular nature of the material, all students in the course must be adults.  This is a one-of-a-kind course on material that is rarely taught in an open seminar.

Participants who complete this course and meet all other eligibility requirements are qualified to take the examination for a Specialization Certificate in Eros Hypnosis from the Society of Experiential Trance.

The video demonstration used with this piece is from E Onna A Onna Two (in Chinese, the series is known as E Nu A Nu or E Woman A Woman) and the girls consist of volunteers mixed from everyday life and girls in the adult business.  There are three episodes in the series (numbers two and three are available in many night markets in Taipei although the first episode is more difficult to find). The shows are a lot of fun.  I never could find episode one of the series.  The same company, Soft On Demand (SOD) in Tokyo, just released a mega video (non-hypnotic) with the same setup and hostess of five hundred people having sex at the same time as someone calls out positions (an epic testament to Japanese communal social style).

I noticed that in episode two there are some girls who do not strip completely during the initial mass nude scenes (they are in the back and obviously uncomfortable being nude).  Evidently they vetted volunteers a bit differently for the third episode as everyone strips.

The E Onna A Onna series seems to be a hardcore variation of a late night adult television show A Onna E Onna which had a number of episodes with hypnosis with the same hypnotist, Wataru, who did the Gilgamesh Nights show years ago.  There are some short clips from those shows on my youtube at Meiguolangren at Youtube which give you an idea of the programs.

The hypnotists in the E Onna A Onna hardcore mass hypnosis series are MickyB and Syou.  Some of you may recognize the guy giving suggestions in the clips as the same hypnotist in the Psychedelic Fuck series (I have three of those and they are rather interesting bits as well) which I used as discussion points in the posts referenced at the beginning of this post.  I am teaching the Couples Hypnosis: Trance Techniques for Enhancing Romance and Intensifying Intimacy course in September in order to actually cover these effects and how to do them in a variety of contexts ranging from hypnotherapy to straightforward recreational intimate relations.  There is no nudity in this clip but it does have the same transference of sensation effect.  The series is interesting and has a premise of introducing the "star" to hypnosis by having her come on set while a session is being conducted with another girl.

MickyB was also in the King of Mesmerism series which showcased a different erotic hypnotist in each episode although my favorite hypnotist from that series was Red who has done some amazing solo work as well.  I believe MickyB may also have been in the King of Mesmerism Special Challenge program which has nine hypnotists competing with one another to run a brief sexual hypnosis stage show with nine girls with hypnotist giving out challenges to one another on which girl to work with individually and what sort of group effects to do.  Typically in Japanese hypnosis videos, some will show their faces and others will hide behind masks . . . personally, I have much more respect for hypnotists who show their faces as my belief is that if you are ashamed to be doing it then don’t do it or at least don’t stand on screen.  The challenge video is interesting but a number of the hypnotists are not very skilled – the judges actually gave the win to a couple guys who were obviously outclasses by some of the losers but who seemed to have won because they gave the girls the suggestion to rub their naked bodies against the judges.  Sheesh.  One guy in the competition was just horrible, reading a script from a piece of paper while another was disqualified (not sure what he did as they cut the offence from the video).

While you can read more about this fascinating and wonderful form of hypnosis in the Erotic and Sexual Hypnosis category of Life of Brian, you really will get much further along through guided insruction and practical experience that the Couples Hypnosis seminar will bring.  However, time is limited so you need to sign up early to reserve your place.

Completion of the Couples Hypnosis: Trance Techniques for Enhancing Romance and Intensifying Intimacy course this September 23-24 qualifies those who meet all other eligibility requirements to take the competence examination for a Specialization Certificate in Eros Hypnosis from the Society of Experiential Trance.

For more information about the Couples Hypnosis course and other upcoming courses, see the "classes and training" section of the webpages at . . . the course is taught in English with Chinese interpretation for those who need it.

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