Rainy Day Cosplay . . .
. . . Comic World Taiwan 11

As previously posted on Forumosa . . . Cosplay and Comic Fandom Convention this weekend at NTU.

The weather sucked for the cosplay . . . big time.

So, most of the cosplayers went indoors to the CW proper.

We ended up not even going the first day but went in the afternoon of the second day.

My wife made costumes for our daughter and two of her friends . . . based upon the Naruto anime. Didn’t get the hair colors right for two of them but decided we will tweak them for the next big cosplay in Taipei this coming February 4 and 5.

Pictured from left to right . . . Gareth Cheng (Uzumaki Naruto), Kaye Phillips (Uchiha Sasuke), and Susan Oscar (Haruno Sakura).

I made the large blade thingie my daughter is holding while the boy’s father, Michael Cheng, put the finishing touches on the knives. The kids made the throwing stars themselves. Lorraine, my wife, put in very long hours on the costumes and will probably be tweaking them even more before the next event.

For those with an interest, I have some other photos at . . . my fotki . . . they are uploading right now so I haven’t had a chance to tweak image rotations and the like. Will probably not get around to that until Monday or so.

Anyone else actually go?

Cosplay is Costume Roleplay and is basically what all those kids dressing up as comic book characters are doing. It is loads of fun and the age range for participants range from children to post-graduate school types. Actually, young children are pretty rare but every once in awhile you will see them.

There are some relevant links from a previous post below.

If you or your kids like to dress up as comic book or game characters, they’ll love it . . . or, if you like to take photos, this is a great event.

My daughter is eleven and has been cosplaying regularly since she was four years old (I’ve been the doting father for longer and have been taking cosplay photos the whole time . . . see my cosplay albums for an idea. Although my daughter has been doing it since she was tiny, it is more popular with college age folks so you will see a very wide variety of costumes and the like.

The event is a comic book fandom convention but the cosplays are definitely an important part of it. If the weather holds then a lot of the cosplayers will be outside in the sun for photo opportunities (they pose and also run around taking photos of one another with many folks there to take pictures as well). Quite a few will be outside the gym sports center complex (the convention will be inside that building) and others will head over to the lake on the NTU campus. If it rains, then they’ll go inside to designated spots for photos but then you will need to pay the entry fee.

If you aren’t familiar with cosplay, go to the cosplay category here and read some of the back posts.

I used to get cosplay annoucements vanished and has only just come back online http://cospho.dyndns.ws/~zordius although he doesn’t yet (if ever) have his old English calendar back up (perhaps if enough folks request it, he’ll restore it). He has tons of photos.

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