video review . . .
. . . Hypnosis Red X . . .
. . . a special from the Face series . . .
. . . . . . hypnotist Red, trance subject Riko Tachibana

Recently, I’ve been researching hypnosis techniques by watching a few Japanese adult hypnosis DVDs. One that stands out is a special presentation from the folks who make the Face series which in itself has a number of episodes devoted to erotic or sensual hypnosis. Produced by Audaz, this particular episode, Hypnosis Red X featuring the very beautiful Riko Tachibana as the hypnotic subject responding to the suggestions made by veteran video hypnotist Red, is a lengthy demonstration of standard hypnotic phenomena as well as erotic suggestions. Some of you may know Riko from a number of adult products, many of which are now available on UMD for Sony PSPs. I just noticed that I have her appearance in the super hero video Supahiroinryoujo kushirizu04choujinki shishiatoranja so I guess I’ll have to watch that one soon. For those unfamiliar with Riko, her official webpage is here (with her online journal and galleries among other things).

The piece opens with an interview of Riko about hypnosis in general and she seems open to the idea. The initial interview took place on Jan. 21, 2005, then the video cuts to Feb. 11, 2005, when Riko and Red meet for their session.

I’ve seen Red in a few videos and unlike a number of the run of the mill "sexy hypnosis" hypnotists working in the Japanese AV industry, he is a competent hypnotist and knows his way around proper session work with a subject. He’s participated in a number of solo and group session pieces and this one shines in part as it demonstrates some solid hypnosis as well as some nice improvisational suggestions bits (the part where he picks up Riko’s guitar and gives her the suggestion that she will continue to play it, getting more and more deeply sexually aroused while she plays) seems to be very improvised and worked well.

Of course, the key to the success of the show is Riko’s responsiveness. She starts out a little slow but as Red deepens her imaginative response (as any competent hypnotist should but I’ve seen a number of folks who don’t seem to know how to do it and he does it very well).

The first hour of the program is straight suggestibility testing, induction, deepening, and standard tests – albeit, it is always fun to see a good hypnotist work with a responsive subject and Red does do some nice twists with Riko that many viewers may not have seen before, even those of us who are seasoned professional hypnotists. Actually, for the first hour, it is difficult to really see that this is an adult video as there is nothing sexual in any of the suggestions or in the costuming.

However, the last hour and a half of the two and a half hour program is pure adult entertainment. For those who are more interested in the hypnotic effects, this piece is more appropriate than so many so-called adult hypnosis features coming out of Japan where the hypnotist "hypnotizes" the actress to have sex with some guy . . . come on, porn stars don’t need hypnosis to have sex with someone . . . boring . . . this piece is superior in that there is no hard core sex other than within Riko’s mind as she responds to imaginative suggestions of sexual activity with full sensory experience but no actual partner.

For me, that sort of show is superior as I am more interested in the hypnosis in hypno-fetish programs than I am in the sex. For sex, I can just pick up any ol’ porn piece. If they want to feature actual sex, then they should at least make the suggestions more interesting than "you’re hot to have sex with this guy."

Anytime you do a "stage hypnosis" routine with one person, there are always going to be some shortcomings. That is true here as well. However, as Red is a personable and competent hypnotist and Riko is a good subject who also happens to be extremely attractive (did I mention she’s incredibly beautiful?), these shortcomings are not as evident and the advantages of single subject session work shine through.

I’ve never been a fan of the "you’re a chicken" or "you’re a puppy dog" type stage suggestions but Red pulls them off in part because Riko really gets into the roles. Her "chicken" is amazing in a creepy alien way. Her eyes no longer had any human characteristics and the way she moved was extremely unnerving. Her puppy was extremely affectionate and very appealing as well.

Obviously, Riko had a wonderful time during the session as she’s very grateful to Red for the experience during the debriefing and seems genuinely happy about the whole thing (further evidenced as she also appears in another real hypnosis themed adult video for Audaz, Face #82 – there are some preview photos of that video in the extras on this DVD).

Of course, anyone with a full understanding of both erotic hypnosis and/or stage or performance hypnosis will not be very surprised by most of the suggestions and bits in this video. However, they will find some nice twists here and there. Those with no full understanding will find it a fascinating piece. Further, for those inspired to learn or explore more . . . I do offer workshops on many of these and other topics. If I don’t have something in the schedule appropriate to your needs, get a group of fifteen eager folks together and I will set something up for you. I am also available for waking dream experiential hypnosis performances for those with an interest in scheduling a show.

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