Taipei Hypnosis Workshop Meeting . . .
(approaches to energizing (anchoring) objects with state resources)

On 10 July 2005, the Taipei Experimental Hypnosis Workshop will have a meeting. This month’s topic is HYPNOTIC TALISMANS (approaches to energizing (anchoring) objects with state resources). If you live in these parts and would like to join us, contact me.

The Taipei Experimental Hypnosis and Trancework Workshop is the largest English-language hypnosis practice group in Taiwan.

For this session, we will be exploring hypnotic talisman techniques, specifically traditional and contemporary approaches to energizing (anchoring) objects with emotional state resources or the like . . . such as the classic “red pen self-hypnosis reinduction trigger” used by many hypnotists or the “color purple associated synthesia” technique I use or some object-specific anchoring methods or some rather fun techniques borrowed from traditional magick and reframed into focused trance or hypnotic context . . . so be sure to bring an object (ring, medallion, bracelet, cloak, pen, keys, crystal, whatever) and have a resource state or associated effect in mind for us to play with . . . a ring of public speaking confidence, a bracelet of protection, wand of wanton desire, earrings of good luck, marbles of mental harmony . . . whatever . . . the only limitation is your imagination . . . we’ll be energizing all sorts of objects with associated resource states. We’re going to have fun and learn and practice some interesting methods that can be adapted to many contexts from entertainment, recreation, education, therapy, and more. Come with an open mind, a playful spirit, and you’re guaranteed to get some really good stuff out of this session!

This study group is for hands-on practice and sharing techniques.

We will meet in my home. Only those who have signed up at
AND responded to the profile questions (name, phone, and interests in hypnosis) – and been approved – will be invited. The address and contact information is posted on the workshop yahoogroup.

Participants range from those with little or no formal hypnosis background to old hands with advanced experience. All that we ask is that folks bring an honest desire to learn and share.

The sessions are conducted in English so you must have the ability to converse about the subject as well as participate fully in English.

Please note that the workshop is for folks interested in learning and practicing hypnosis techniques, it is not a general discussion list or a therapy group. For those who are looking for general discussion of hypnosis, please join the Hypnosis Technique Exchange list. If you are interested in undergoing hypnosis, guided imagery, or focused trancework for a specific issue, contact me privately for information about my hypnotherapy practice or check out one of the folks in the links sections at

We look forward to seeing you then.

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(approaches to energizing (anchoring) objects with state resources)