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With this post, I am creating a couple new categories for Life of Brian . . . the Waking Dreams series of focused trance guided imagery brief sojourns into the imagination.  As regular visitors to my webpages at http://www.briandavidphillips.com know, I love guided imagery.  It is relaxing and quite enjoyable . . . which is one of the reasons I have included a unit on focused trance guided imagery in the course structure and syllabus for the Society of Experiential Trance.  Of course, I really love it when combined with hypnotic hyper-acuity and hyperempiria, but our purpose here is to introduce the concept in a simple and straightforward form that anyone can enjoy . . . by focusing on short setups that can lead into interesting imaginational visualizations that anyone can enjoy by reading the short setup script and then simply . . . breathing in, breathing out, closing one’s eyes, and letting fantasy take flight.

This is intended to be a series with one setup situation or script posted here on a weekly basis . . . sometimes more, sometimes less.

These are scripts for focused trance guided imagery.  Before experiencing any of these pieces via guided imagery, hypnosis, or other focused trance techniques, please read through the piece first to determine if the imaginative experience described is appropriate for you (it is not recommended that you go through any of these processes blindly without having first determined if they are appropriate for you).  If you are uncomfortable with certain types of language or imagery, then please do not indulge in recreational, nondirected or un-facillitated focused trance sessions that include that imagery.  If you have a fear or phobia related to any of the imageries, you are encouraged to consult an appropriate guide – you can find links to highly qualified and competent focused trance guides and hypnotists here.

To enjoy this imagery, you can either record or have someone else read the standard brief induction, imagery, and emerging processes included here which employ a shortened variation of one of the frameworks also found in more detail in the Waking Dreams professional quality recordings or you can enjoy the image in a freeform self-focused trance style.  Simply read the induction first, then the imagery, and finally . . . after allowing a few minutes for undirected imaginative experience, the emerging.


So let’s begin.  Go ahead and let yourself go into a deep level of relaxation, take a nice long breath, fill up your lungs, real good, breathe all the way in, and hold it for a second. And as you breathe out, close your eyes down, and let a wonderful wave of relaxation flow through your entire body.

Keep your eyes closed and follow your breathing. Take a few deep breaths, releasing any tension that you carry in your body as you breathe out.  Breathe in, breathe out, and relax. Breathe in, breathe out, and relax.  Really let yourself go loose, limp, and relaxed.  Breathe in, breathe out, and relax.  (Pause)  Good. Now give yourself the suggestion that with each time you breathe out your body becomes more and more relaxed.  Just let yourself feel like you’re relaxing down, down, down each time you breathe out.


(After suitable pause)  Now gently bring your attention back into the here and now.  It is time to bring yourself back to full awareness.  In a moment I will count to five.  At the number five, your eyes open, you are fully aware, alert, and feeling great, remembering all of your wonderful experiences.  One, two, three, four, and five.  Eyes open, feeling wonderfully refreshed.


To use self-focused trance with this guided imagery:

  1. Read the Waking Dream guided imagery to inspire your imagination
  2. Get comfortable and close your eyes
  3. Take six deep breaths in and out and with each breath feel yourself relaxing
  4. With each deep breath out, tell yourself you are relaxing deep, deeper, deeply down, down, down, very relaxed with each and every breath
  5. Continue breathing, slow, deep, and relaxing down, down, deeper down
  6. Allow your imagination to take you into the scene, feeling, or inspired context of the guided imagery, allowing your mind to float and let things happen
  7. Concentrate on letting yourself really "get into" the experience and really FEEL whatever your imagination conjures
  8. FEEL, imagine, and EXPERIENCE the images, thoughts, and feelings as vividly as is possible and concentrate on increasing that imaginative involvement even more deeply and more powerfully with each and every breath


More . . . Waking Dreams Focused Trance Guided Imagery recordings, CDs, MP3s, and resources, scripts, and books by Brian David Phillips can be found at the webpages here.

While I have always loved creating focused trance guided imagery, using them in classes as well as placing a number of free MP3s on my webpages for download, I had in the past confined my posting of scripts to the technique exchange or to my webpages.  I was recently inspired by the Bliss Trip a Day postings by Kerstin Sjoquist of Consciousness Arts . . . the idea of regularly posting brief pieces of this type is very resonant with me.


This Waking Dream Guided Imagery is brought to you by Brian David Phillips, PhD, CH . . . helping others free their spirits and unleash their imaginations.  Dr. Phillips has a diverse background in trance studies, hypnosis, comparative literature, drama, and mythic studies.  He is an Associate Professor, a leading international authority in both Focused Trance and in Interactive Drama, a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Focused Trance Facilitator Instructor Trainer, Executive Director of the Society of Experiential Trance, a professionally trained and experienced actor and director, and more. Professional quality and custom Waking Dream and other focused trance and hypnosis recordings for therapeutic, recreational, entertainment, and spiritual journeys are available at http://www.briandavidphillips.com.