Cosplay this Weekend!

A query via email that’s worth repeating as the info may be of use to others here on our beautiful happy island . . . with personal info removed:


Hello to you too. Hi, ___, nice to meet you. 🙂

I came across your website while looking up CosPlay in Taiwan.

May I ask which of my umpteen-million-ish websites did you find? I have more than one that mentions cosplay.

I too am a photographer and would love to shoot one of these events. My students told me awhile back that there would be another festival at Tai-Da University in February and I’m wondering if you have any information about it. It would be greatly appreciated.

Well, you almost missed it! 🙂

There is a big Cosplay event this weekend Feb. 19-20 at NTU in and around the new gymnasium there (the lake also has potential on non-rainy days). When it is not raining folks will be outside for photos and inside for the comic book convention. If it’s raining then photographs will happen inside the gym in the upper levels while the convention mall is in the court. This weekend’s event is a combo with both Comic World Taipei and FF so it should be worthwhile. The last one has poor attendance but as students will be back in town from their holiday and it’s two major conventions in the same venue, this one should prove worthwhile.

Our daughter Kaye will participate along with a friend. It’s a great activity. Our daughter has been participating since she was a tyke . . . albeit, most of the cosplayers are a bit older.

I have a TON of photos at and if you check every so often, you can take a peek at the albums and the calendar that Zordius keeps online there. It’s pretty much the best (only) English-language calendar of this type (if you can read Chinese, that version of his page has more info but I am illiterate and have to make due with the English). There are usually links in the Chinese forums to the local sponsorship pages so you can check those as well (or have someone check for you). I also periodically will post the big event announcements on my blog at although that won’t have the smaller events (we pretty much just go to the CW and CWT events in Taipei as they are the largest and most easily accessible).

If you’re going, say howdy to me if you see me . . . I will be the big goofy looking white guy with a large gut and bushy beard and curly hair.

BTW, as I don’t know you . . . where do you teach? How long have you been in Taiwan? Married? Kids? We’re always on the lookout for potential playmates for our daughter if you and yours fit the bill . . . if not, that’s okay, nice to meet you anyway. 🙂

All the best,