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eXperimental Eroticatrance
Session Collection

Welcome to the Xanadu eXperimental session collection. This collection consists of downloadable eroticatrance audio hypnosis sessions (Mp3 format) from the educational archive of demonstrational files for intimate consensual recreational purposes.

These eroticatrance sessions were originally created for the Xanadu eXperimental series (here) which was initiated as an educational online trance workshop originally intended for women interested in power exchange hypnosis who are submissive or submissive-curious, bisexual or bi-curious.

There were three different subgroups under the Xanadu series, each with a slightly different focus but with quite a bit of overlap. All of the subgroups shared the same trigger response conditioning program with slight changes in focus for each group. These groups consisted of:

  • Hypnosis for Women Only – the original group, for women, with a general purpose of experimenting with erotic hypnosis with vanilla experiments along with playful incursions into bicurious and submissive-curious materials.
  • HypnoWolf’s Lair – this group included members of the original group who wished to expand upon their bicurious and submissive-curious sessions to include experimental sessions with more power exchange and the introduction of the Master Werewolf persona.
  • HypnoHarem – some members of the first two groups asked for more intense sessions that included more power exchange and hard core alternative lifestyle and power exchange imagery and a bit beyond.

Each group had their own conditioning files but with variations. All shared the same trigger phrases – also used by the very Vanilla deep relaxation trigger response conditioning programs.

The original groups eventually accumulated over two hundred audio sessions in total. A strong cross section of those files are included here for archival purposes both for those with an interest in the material as trance partners undergoing the processes and for those with an interest in deconstructing the material.

Note the series requires pre-conditioning with particular trigger phrases for best effect. So, before listening to one of the specific sessions, be sure to listen to one of the primary conditioning files regularly for some time to create the appropriate trigger response. The Initial Induction File (here) is a very appropriate starting point.

If you are not a woman, you can use one of the Deep Relaxation Trigger Response Conditioning (DRTRC) primary conditioning files as a substitute conditioning program as the trigger word is the same.

Please note that some of the files refer to particular internet forums and yahoogroups for comments and participation. Those original forums have long since been discontinued. Those wishing to discuss the material should do so either by commenting to individual blog posts or by joining and participating in the Eroticatrance: Erotic Hypnosis and Xanadu eXperimental Lair subforums in our main forum area at (the former being for those interested in particular techniques while the latter is for those who use the files for personal conditioning).

Included in most session posts for the series is the audio recording set for streaming play (please note, you must be a Amethyst Member of the site to access the streaming audio recordings, it’s a simple signup – go to the Membership page to join or renew your Amethyst Membership). New files will use the same trigger setup and will include previous programs but will also include files with broader more general purposes (including those with male or non-gender-specific purposes).

An obvious advantage of Amethyst Membership is that one may work with the entire series without having to download. Also, before choosing to download for more convenient playback via mp3 player rather than the web, one can try-before-you-buy by taking advantage of the streaming player benefits of Amethyst Membership.

This series is archived here and provided as an educational and recreational tool for consenting adults only who are interested in mature subject matter and learning how to create their own intimate responses of this nature. Please be aware that variations of some of the Xanadu eXperimental sessions have been adapted to non-Xanadu contexts and can be found among our eroticatrance audio programs in our online store. Be that as it may, the archive is NOT complete. As part of our Amethyst Membership program, we will continue to add at least one new file to the Xanadu eXperimental Archive each month.

It should be noted that we have a number of other videos and audio recordings in the Special Free Membership Bonus Items category for the blog as well as more Amethyst and Premium resources.

If you are not able to view the or access the streaming audio player, sorry, but you only get access to this material if you have registered for a Amethyst Membership and you have logged into the site; otherwise you limited access to the blog categories or webpage materials.

If you prefer not to become an Amethyst subscriber of the site, you can still purchase the files for download – although you may wish to know that Amethyst members receive a very steep discount for purchases of this series.

If you would like to learn more about using hypnosis techniques, feel free to surf the rest of this website and consult our Ultimate Pleasure Hypnotist and other hypnosis training programs as well as other products found in our online store at (you may wish to check out our package programs for even more value).

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