Cosplay . . .
Comic World Taipei 8

Last weekend, the Phillips family along with Gareth and Michael Cheng attended the cosplay at Comic World Taipei 8 held at National Taiwan University. Kaye and her friend Gareth went dressed in Quidditch uniforms from Harry Potter that Lorraine picked up during her Cannes trip this year.

Kaye Phillips, Michael Cheng, Lorraine Phillips, and Gareth Cheng

Pikachu and Kaye Phillips

Watch out where you point that thing!

Lovely and Deadly!

For some reason I took a ton of photos of this girl.

The regular photo gallery of our pictures from the event is here while the 3D photos are here.

Good stuff. There were some wonderful costumes, although attendance was down. We suspect this was partly due to increased cut-throat competition among cosplay venues of late but mostly due to the national elections held this weekend. A lot of folks who normally would have come were probably out of Taipei and in their home towns so they could vote.

After the cosplay, we went to a Magic Night performance at National Taipei University hosted by their magic club. There were folks from a number of other university clubs there as well (including NCCU, the university at which I teach). Kaye and Gareth are attending performance magic classes together and so it was particularly nice for them to see university students performing some of the tricks they both know . . . reinforcing the idea that it’s not just the complexity of the trick that matters, but in the artistry and context created within the performance. For instance, they both know how to perform the Chinese rings but it is still nice to see someone perform them with skill and beauty. The dove production performance was the hit of the evening as far as Kaye was concerned.

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Comic World Taipei 8

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    December 23, 2004 at 1:16 pm

    Fantasias Animiescas

    Los japoneses están tan traumados con su anime, que se visten tal como sus personajes animados favoritos. Es el vestuario completo, y muchas veces se ve estrafalario en los chavos, y sexy en las japonesillas. A esto de vestirse le llaman ‘Cosplay’, y s…