interested in eXperimenting . . .
Playful Sexual Hypnosis for Consenting Adult Couples

Readers of Life of Brian will note that this post appears in a new category. We get enough queries about this subject, that I felt a new category would be warranted to keep the archives more topical and easier to acce4ss.

A query came in through one of the hypnosis-related online email discussion lists I am a member of . . . see the Hypnosis Technique Exchange for my original response, as I have extended it here . . .

my wife and I would like to try some hypnotism to play out some fantasies.

That’s healthy and a very gooood thing. Hypnosis can help you quite a bit with that.

You don’t tell us how experienced you are with hypnosis, so most of us are assuming you are at the novice level. You also don’t specify what kind of help you are looking for. Do you wish to learn enough hypnosis to do the process and install the triggers yourself or are you looking for a hypnotist to hypnotically condition your wife for you? I strongly suggest that you pursue the former as this sort of thing can be very healthy and rewarding for a couple to explore together without a stranger mucking up the mix. If you are in Taiwan, you can find a number of local hypnotists and general training opportunities listed in my resource pages at Taipei Hypnotic.

I would suggest that in addition to any suggestions you get here, you might wish to also get yourselves a good book or video instruction course on regular vanilla hypnosis – I have a veritable ton of very high quality training materials available her on my blog site, with some very exhaustive and particularly interesting pieces available to folks who register for the free BASIC membership here in the featured, special materials, and webinar categories along with the digital ton of things available in our freely available Eroticatrance (erotic hypnosis) category – if you head over to the Trance Society Community at you will find a complete core skills video course available there for free members as well as other resources. Of course, if you get to my website at you will find a very very very comprehensive collection of training DVDs available, a LOT of very high quality instruction on hypnosis with a few products specifically aimed at Eroticatrance style erotic hypnosis. Seriously, the EROTICATRANCE material just can’t be beat (especially if you get the very comprehensive Ultimate Pleasure Hypnosis Package . . . see for complete details.

You could also do some preliminary response conditioning by listening to some of my free files at which use trigger responses (the synthesia file might give you an idea on how to accomplish some of your goals). If you find any of my files helpful, I would appreciate an email letting me know (I love to hear from folks who enjoy the material). Or, better yet, send a fansign or three! 🙂

Some of our fantasies include…. at a spoken word….having my wife become totally and completely aroused, have her get down on all fours and "beg" to be penetrated and/or "feel" like she is being penetrated.

All of these are quite easy to do with straightforward consensual erotic hypnosis. However, the key is consensual with positive imaginative involvement and motivated commitment to having the effects within that context.

Be sure to keep the suggestions simple and straightforward at first. Also, keep it completely safe, sane, and consensual. If you give a suggestion in efforts to change something she doesn’t want to change – such as turn a straight woman into a raging bisexual by suggestion such with direct suggestion or imagery – you’re going to do more damage than good, damage which could harm your non-hypnotic relationship. If you stay within the limits of consensual and willing fantasy, there is nothing you can’t experience. If you can imagine it, it can be accomplished . . . and that includes some pretty esoteric stuff like her becoming a humanoid werecat in heat with the full illusion of feeling her fur and tail as well as an overpowering urge to satisfy her animal desires . . . if such things interest you (I have a script for that at the hypnosis exchange which you’re free to model if you wish).

You might want to look through the archives here to see how these questions have been answered . . . since it’s so rich, sometimes the search function doesn’t go as far back as one would like so you could try browsing message headers. You can also find a large number of scripts and techniques for general and erotic hypnosis at the Hypnosis Technique Exchange (if you do a search for Erotic Hypnosis you will find a number of signpost posts with links to some older pieces which are very valuable – Rick Brown’s old posts on instant suggested orgasm come to mind as well as some of my old erotic conditioning pieces).

In addition to solid general hypnosis training and practice, I would also suggest that you take a look at some books specifically aimed at consenting adults (these will have to do until my own book finally hits the market):

  • Dr. Barbara Debetz and Samm Sinclair Baker. EROTIC FOCUS: THE NEW WAY TO ENHANCE YOUR SEXUAL PLEASURE. New York: Signet, 1985 . . . the Debetz/Baker book is mostly therapeutic with some sensuality and sexual activity suggestions. Interestingly, this piece never uses the word "hypnosis" although anyone with more than a passing familiarity with hypnosis will recognize exactly what she is doing which is all pretty solid sexual hypnosis with a strong Spiegel-based foundation with perhaps a directed Ericksonian twist.
  • Wendi Friesen. HYPNOTIZE YOUR LOVER, DEEPER., 2001 . . . the Friesen book has a wide assortment of inductions and approaches by many different folks including myself (I contributed a chapter on writing erotic hypnosis letters which employ trigger phrases to deepen the response).
  • Eugene D. Alexander, PhD. EXPERIENCE AS AN ART FORM: HYPNOSIS, HYPEREMPIRIA, AND THE BEST ME TECHNIQUE and HYPER-SEX: THE SUBLIME ART OF SEXUAL SUGGESTION . . . this is general hyperempiria material with inductions as the Alexander sex book, Hyper-Sex is very hard to find now (although still in print via the web) but his more general hyperempiria pieces are still readily available and easily applied to any situation.
  • Peter Masters. LOOK INTO MY EYES: HOW TO USE HYPNOSIS TO BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOUR SEX LIFE. Greenery Press, 2001 . . . the Masters book adapts progressive relaxation induction techniques to Dominance/submission erotic play. He has some good ideas but I would suggest other inductions . . . I disagree very very strongly with his views on stage hypnosis (to the point that it made me seriously question his qualifications and skill in other aspects of hypnosis, but those are my buttons he pushed).
  • Wayne Perkins. HOW TO HYPNOTIZE YOUR LOVER TO AWAKEN A SLEEPY RELATIONSHIP . . . pretty straightforward couples work.
  • Zali Segal. HYPNOTIZE THIS. . . the Segal piece is not specific to sexuality or erotic hypnosis but is a general introduction to hypnosis, an excellent manual, there are a number of essays by some of the outstanding hypnotists working today and many of the ideas can easily be applied to the issues at hand (my essay on the Vicarious Experiential Memory Machine outlines a technique that can easily be adapted to hypnosis for sexuality, therapeutic and recreational).
  • David Shade. DAVID SHADE’S MANUAL. . . . the Shade book has some interesting twists, some rather amusing. The book version is no longer available as Shade has evidently incorporated the material into his Advanced Sexual Hypnosis audiobook but if you can find the original book it is worthwhile.

Of course, until my book is finished and on the market, feel free to ask me anything. Yes, I really am working on a book and it incorporates some of the material available here on my blog as well as a whole slew of things you can’t find anywhere else. The biggest problem we’re having right now is simply finding time to sit down and edit the thing down but we will get it done eventually. In the meantime, see the resources above.

We are serious, so only serious replys only. Can anyone help us with this?

I hope this has been helpful.

Here a few past posts to my blog which may also prove of help to you. You may want to see the ones specifically related to "increasing sexual sensitivity," "nipple hypnosis," and "triggers." I have also included in the list, a couple posts with more resources (when I get the chance, I will reorganize the category listings for these so they can be found in one archive set here):

Feel free to browse the appropriate category sections on this site for more general information which may also prove useful to you as you get a handle on this wonderfully compelling and enriching subject.

Since we have not completed house cleaning and fixing all the leaks after we moved the blog site to a new platform, a LOT of in-post links are still coming up 404s even though the actual articles are still on the site so a very good strategy is to just browse the appropriate categories such as Eroticatrance here . . . seriously, there is a ton of material here (if you can’t see the category links in the right sidebar then sign in and you will see them, Basic memberships are free).

Do remember, when looking at other people’s scripts, remember . . . scripts are just models, learn the ideas and process behind the scripts and you can quickly create your own applications to new circumstances.

If others have more to add . . . and there are a LOT of good folks here who know wherefore and whereof they speak on this subject here in this group . . . please, please, please chime on in.

Also . . . if you use other folks’ material, let them know your experience and be sure to let the group know how it goes. If you have further specific or general questions, feel free to ask.

If you are in Taipei or thereabouts, feel free to contact me about including you in a workshop on this subject (consenting adults only) as I would be more than happy to conduct one, if there is enough honest and genuine interest on the subject (we have conducted seminars of this type elsewhere as well . . . the United States, India, and Hong Kong among others and we will be returning to Los Angeles in late July 2011 for a new program as well).

Feel free to post comments or ask questions, this is an aspect of hypnosis and of sexuality a number of us are more than happy to help you in. Welcome to an exciting and brave new adventure. We hope the two of you enjoy it . . . together.

All the best,

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Playful Sexual Hypnosis for Consenting Adult Couples

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    December 9, 2004 at 5:26 pm

    Just a friendly reminder Brian- some of us read your blog at work. Can we take it easy on the big breast pictures on the main page?

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    December 10, 2004 at 8:14 am

    Karl, thanks for the heads-up. I had completely forgot that some of my readers are frightened of breasts. 🙂 Just kidding, your concern is real and makes sense. I will keep it in mind for future posts . . . although this is pretty much as explicit as this blog will ever get (other than the links to outside sources) . . . the current one stays . . . it’s such a wonderful image and was so appropriate for the original post I created it for (“nipple hypnosis”) . . . consider it a once in awhile sort of thing that shouldn’t break up your regular enjoyment of the blog . . . anyway, breasts can be great trance inducers . . . you really should try some on your page to break up the white space once in awhile. The world needs more giant breast images.