Hyperacuity and Hyperempiria

Discussing Hyperacuity & Hyperempiria

Hyperacuity is the heightened sensitivity of the senses. This is often found in trance subjects and can be increased through the use of suggestion (a few folks have done some really interesting work with blindfolds and hearing or with sight and memory).

Hyperempira is a system based on suggestions of enhanced awareness, mind expansion, and increased alertness and sensitivity. It is often presented with a general hyperempiric induction followed by imagery of some sort.

The primary source for hyperempira is Don E. Gibbons who wrote the seminal works on the method.

The inductions by Gibbons are pretty straightforward. His take on "imaginative involvement" as a factor in hypnosis is very very much worth taking a look at.

Applied Hypnosis and Hyperempira . . . this is the most formal of his books. There are a number of example session models as well as numerous approaches for a wide range of issues.

Experience as an Art Form: Hypnosis, Hyperempiria, and the Best Me Technique . . . this one is shorter than the former and repeats the basic material. The Best Me approach is a mnemonic by Gibbons for approaching issues. There are new example scripts and session models.

Hypper-Sex: The Sublime Art of Sexual Suggestion. . . Gibbons found out that his graduate students were taking the hyperempiria approach and applying it in a way he had not thought of . . . sex and sexual fantasy . . . it always amazes me the number of folks who are professional hypnotists who have no idea this stuff can be used in an erotic context among consenting adults (I was talking once with a friend who is an experienced hypnotist and certified trainer and mentioned a twist on an erotic induction I had seen that I liked and would give a go and he was at first shocked that anyone would or could use hypnosis that way . . . then he begged me to teach him how . . . any hypnotist should be able to wrap their head around this concept and figure it out but so many think there’s some magic fairy dust to the whole process). So, digressions in porn aside . . . Gibbons was a bit inspired by his students and he looked into it and "experimented" . . . this book has erotic session script models and ideas. I haven’t read the entire book, it’s hard to find, but I have about sixty pages of material Gibbons posted from the book at various times. If you have either of the first books, you can figure it out. It is not rocket science but it certainly is fun science.

Other than what Gibbons has written, there isn’t really a lot out there on hyperempiria (aka hyper-empiria). You will find he’s written a few journal papers as well but the basic book is fine.

Of course, as I wasn’t at the training, I don’t know how much or what Mark went over.

My take is that the technique isn’t difficult at all and that there are easier more straightforward ways to get the effect, once you wrap your head around it and really get a feel what you’re doing, so will your subjects . . . albeit, I did enjoy reading the Gibbons material and found it provided me with several touchstones as jumping off points for playing with some interesting ideas . . . and if something inspires you to play around a bit, then it’s good stuff.


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    October 15, 2004 at 7:07 am

    You state that there are more straightforward ways to get the effect of hyperempiria. Could you please elaborate?
    Thanks for a very informative webpage.

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    January 22, 2005 at 5:54 am

    Thanks for your comments on hyperempiria. Just a quick update on the availability of my books, “Applied Hypnosis and Hyperempiria” and “Experience as an Art Form.” They can both be obtained either through Barnesandnoble.com, or Amazon.com. More info on their content is available at my Website, http://www.hyperempiria.com. And, of course, those who would like a free copy of my hypersex book can now surf on over to your Hypnosis Technique Exchange and download it there.
    There are indeed more straightforward ways to get the effect of hyperempiria, just as there are more straightforward ways to get the effect of hypnosis, as by snapping one’s fingers after giving a post-hypnotic suggestion that this will reinstate the trance experience.
    I never cease to be astonished at discovering more and more activities that you’re into — such as interactive role playing. It’s only a small step to placing the participants in hypnosis and hyperempiria to enhance the reality, appreciation, and enjoyment of the experience — or have you already done this too?
    All the best.