Nipple Hypnosis

About a week ago, I received an email query from a regular reader here at Life of Brian. My answer may or may not interest other readers here . . . but I’m posting it anyway. Note that the processes I outline apply to women or men for nipples or anything else you decide to focus your mind upon.

Hi. I am a frequent reader of your blog and i find hypnosis very fascinating.

Thanks for stopping in! I appreciate knowing there are actual humans out there reading this thing other than the folks getting rather hot under the collar about Stairway to Heaven (don’t get me wrong, I appreciate those folks to). Do keep in mind . . . I love fansigns . . . really, feel free to send ’em in.

I have listened to several of your guided imagery mp3s and find them very relaxing

I am glad you have found them helpful. I periodically add one or two to the free lists and am always thrilled to hear that someone has found them useful.

however my interest in hypnosis has taken an interesting turn. I have been trying to find a way to successfully either be hypnotised through AIM or through other files online from hypnotists.

Well, the DRTRC files will help get you started. If you’re interested in online hypnosis, you might want to take a peek at the E-Hypnosis list (the “E” stands for erotic so it’s right up your alley) which is associated to a Yahoo Chat group for folks to discuss and hook up for online hypnosis. My Hypnosis Technique Exchange has some information about chat-based hypnosis in the archives as well (both for spoken via microphone (which I would consider a surer way) and via text-based hypnosis which I’ve written about here at Life of Brian and elsewhere. You could also listen to the free MP3s by “Evil Mindwarp Guy” at Warp My Mind which are much more kinky and fetishistic compared to anything you will find on any of my sites, albeit he does have a few pieces that fit your described needs perfectly.

Mind you these are for semi-erotic purposes, but my main goal is to implant a suggestion that would make (and this is gonna sound wierd), my nipples an EXTREME erogenous zone the point of stimulation would cause me to climax. Short of hiring a hypnotist, how could i go about this. Thanks

Well . . . the first thing I would suggest doing is to hire a competent hypnotist. That really is the surest way to do this.

However, if you’re out on that then the approaches above would help get you started. You might also consider using a text-to-speech hypnosis program like Virtual Hypnotist (the program is here and the discussion list is here which is software that lets you plug in your own script (or modify one from the discussion list archives) for whatever suggestions you like. The program then converts the text into sound so you can listen to a hypnotist’s voice while watching a hypnotic spiral pattern. I don’t really use anything like that so I can’t vouch for it completely but I have seen a number of good responses from folks who do use it. Personally, since I’m a trained and qualified certified hypnotherapist and I’m really good at this stuff, I can create my own tapes and scripts if I like or just pop myself into self-hypnosis . . . or, I can just ask my wife to pop me into trance and do the trance dance thing on my brain.

Some other things you might like to do . . . look into simple anchoring, a process of associated conditioned response that is perfect for your needs . . . re-read some of the hypnosis-related posts I’ve made here and modify several of them to your needs. For instance, you really want to look at my essay on Nipple Buttons and think about how you can use that process for yourself as it has very obvious applications to your needs. The information on Erotic Post-Hypnotic Suggestions should prove useful. You can also use the information at Hypnosis for Increasing Erotic Sensitivity and Response. You should also consider the Elman procedure outlined here for your own needs along with a few others which you can find in the archives on this site.

You might also like to get started with a simple meditation process I call Nipple Meditation which I first posted to the web on 23 February 2002, oh so long ago, and originally wrote as a humorous response to someone’s query about meditation and the soul but which when pared down to it’s component parts is actually perfect for you needs. Read through it and DO THE PROCESS, don’t just think about the process, really do it and imagine the responses fully and completely. Really get into it:

You can meditate and be very attached to your body, for instance . . . for the next few moments . . . humor me . . . breathe in deeply, all the way in, and with each deep breath feel yourself relaxing more and more. Now on the third deep breath close your eyes and allow yourself to feel as if you are floating . . . now concentrate with each deep breath on the way your nipples feel . . . that’s right, your nipples, notice how they feel . . . with each deep breath in how they feel and notice a sensation . . . something very interesting happening to them . . . you will know what I mean when it happens . . . be ready for it . . . with each deep breath out, feel your body becoming more relaxed, really concentrate on letting yourself go even further loose limp and relaxed . . . deep breaths in . . . feel those nipples . . . deep breaths out . . . and really feel yourself going down, down down . . . do this for a few moments . . . twenty-three nipple breaths . . . and notice how good it feels, how attached to your body you feel . . . then open your eyes and continue reading . . . . . .

Nice. How do you feel? Do you feel like you left your body? Or, do you feel like you were really getting inside those nipples and letting that sensation grow? Was your soul wandering around the etheric plane? Or, were you just sitting around thinking about your nipples? Either way, all you were doing was Nipple Meditation . . . the secret art of the grand masters of nipple manipulation. Now that you’ve given that a go, it’s time to graduate . . . sit or lie down and do the same thing except instead of feeling the interesting sensations in your nipples, concentrate on your penis (or clitoris for the ladies) and see what sort of sensations arise and what kind of feelings come up during the experience . . . then imagine you are connecting the erotic feelings from one part of your body to another, say from your clitoris or penis to your nipples and really actively imagine the connection is there . . . then try to tell me that you’re not attached to your body when meditating. 🙂

Relax, don’t fret about it, you will be okay.

That really should help quite a bit towards getting you started . . . particularly if you combine it with using the triggers from the DRTRC set or some other conditioning series.

I hope you have found this helpful. Please write back and let us know how things go.

All the best,