Hypnosis for Increasing Erotic Sensitivity and Response

This month’s theme at the Hypnosis Technique Exchange for the monthly challenge submissions is Hypnosis for Increasing Erotic Sensitivity and Response.

While the original topic proposal was more therapeutic than recreational, judging from the private queries I’ve received, a number of folks are approaching this not as a strictly therapeutic topic but as one for recreational or romance hypnosis . . . particularly in regards to erotic play for couples.

There’s a lot of material out there already for this in the group archives, just do a search and you will find a number of erotic induction sets for therapy and for recreation – naturally, I like mine. Members of the exchange list should feel free to get some ideas from those if you wish as to what you would do or not do and then post your own.

This is not a comprehensive look at this material. That is impossible. Nor is it even a complete listing of what has been discussed before. For that, go to the archives from the very beginning and browse and read and digest and develop your own ideas and approaches.

When considering hypnosis for increasing erotic sensitivity and response, the specifics are pretty wide open as this can include inductions, romance patterns and guided imageries (as well as post-hypnotic trigger for enhancing pleasure, changework metaphors, or anything else you care to think of). The particular approach is dependant upon the tastes and circumstances or context of the situation, albeit I would strongly suggest that imageries and suggestions incorporate positive suggestions and have built in safeguards, particularly when dealing with sexuality and erotic response for consenting adults (material intended for non-consensual application and/or any non-therapeutic material intended for non-adults will get a person booted from any of my discussion lists – therapeutic material should be clearly labeled and used only by qualified individuals).

With that said, this should be a fun one given the number of folks who have specific interest in this sort of thing (by no means should this be considered comprehensive . . . think of it more along the lines of stuff I jotted down from off the top of my head).


Here are a few books that deal specifically with erotic approaches to hypnosis.

  • Mark Cunningham. SCORING WITH MARRIED WOMEN. http://www.trucor.com . . . the Cunningham piece is NOT what you think it is, it is much better than most material of its type out there. If you are married, then read this book. I would also recommend his BUILDING A BETTER GIRLFRIEND set to anyone in a longterm relationship.
  • Dr. Barbara Debetz and Samm Sinclair Baker. EROTIC FOCUS: THE NEW WAY TO ENHANCE YOUR SEXUAL PLEASURE. New York: Signet, 1985 . . . the Debetz/Baker book is mostly therapeutic with some sensuality and sexual activity suggestions. Interestingly, this piece never uses the word "hypnosis" although anyone with more than a passing familiarity with hypnosis will recognize exactly what she?s doing which is all pretty solid sexual hypnosis.
  • Wendi Friesen. HYPNOTIZE YOUR LOVER, DEEPER. www.wendi.com, 2001 . . . the Friesen book has a wide assortment of inductions and approaches by many different folks including myself (I contributed a chapter on writing erotic hypnosis letters which employ trigger phrases to deepen the response).
  • Eugene D. Alexander, PhD. EXPERIENCE AS AN ART FORM: HYPNOSIS, HYPEREMPIRIA, AND THE BEST ME TECHNIQUE and HYPER-SEX: THE SUBLIME ART OF SEXUAL SUGGESTION . . . the Alexander sex book is very hard to find now but his more general hyperempiria pieces are still readily available and easily applied to any situation.
  • Peter Masters. LOOK INTO MY EYES: HOW TO USE HYPNOSIS TO BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOUR SEX LIFE. Greenery Press, 2001 . . . the Masters book adapts progressive relaxation induction techniques to Dominance/submission erotic play. He has some good ideas but I would suggest other inductions . . . I disagree very very strongly with his views on stage hypnosis (to the point that it made me seriously question his qualifications and skill in other aspects of hypnosis).
  • Wayne Perkins. HOW TO HYPNOTIZE YOUR LOVER TO AWAKEN A SLEEPY RELATIONSHIP . . . pretty straightforward couples work.
  • Zali Segal. HYPNOTIZE THIS. http://www.hypnotizethis.com. . . the Segal piece is not specific to sexuality or erotic hypnosis but is a general introduction to hypnosis, an excellent manual, there are a number of essays by some of the outstanding hypnotists working today and many of the ideas can easily be applied to the issues at hand (my essay on the Vicarious Experiential Memory Machine outlines a technique that can easily be adapted to hypnosis for sexuality, therapeutic and recreational).
  • David Shade. DAVID SHADE’S MANUAL. http://www.davidshade.com . . . the Shade book has some interesting twists, some rather amusing.

If you know of other books of this type, please let me know and I will add them to the list.


For those of you interested in consensual "seduction" material – covert or otherwise, there is a large collection of theory, patterns, and the like available albeit I would strongly encourage folks to look into the discussions of covert seduction theory in reference to consent, sense, and non-sense as it is very important to understand that consent is both ethically required as well as necessary for the modality of trance to work. Keep it playful and two-way and the possibilities are boundless. Cross the line of consent and then nothing is possible . . . or, at least, nothing worthwhile.


While erotic hypnosis is not my specialization, it certainly is one of my interests. I have developed a number of techniques and scripts posted to the techniques groups which demonstrate a variety of approaches to consensual adult erotic hypnosis. One can try many different variations on a single theme. Eventually, I will get around to finishing my book on the subject. Some of my takes on the subject are quite serious while others are just plain playful. The basic underlying premise is to experiment and have fun.

An induction does not need to be erotic to be used with erotic hypnosis, although any induction can be adapted into an erotic context. Even something as simple as the hand drop induction can be adapted erotically. "look at my eyes, begin to feel an erotic sensation wash over you . . . yadda yadda yadda."

For a standard induction that works great, see the Dave Elman set.

Erotic hypnosis is contextual not mechanical. It’s not that there is a great erotic induction out there but that folks know the meat and potatoes of hypnosis and have adapted them to a consensual erotic context.

Be creative and have fun!

All the best,