Triggers and Sleight Triggers in Trance Phenomenon and Hypnotic Response

Triggers and sleight triggers for eliciting conditioned responses without using the actual post-hypnotic trigger phrases or initiating anchors interests me. That is, many of you are aware of my interest in post-hypnotic triggers, anchored, and conditioned responses . . . particularly those of you who use my DRTRC MP3 files (Deep Relaxation Trigger Response Conditioning) at or some of my experimental hypnosis files.

You may also be aware of my interest in online hypnosis and how language can be used both in aural and visual fashion, spoken and printed words, to facilitate trance and hypnotic experiences.

One place folks can play around with trance language is the EHypnosis group and its affiliated chat room . . . albeit, it has been quite some time since I have participated in any formal trancing there. One of the activities at that group is a little something called the Hypnotist Collector Game – see a brief summary at – which is periodically played there. In short, various contestants and hypnotists who register to participate then compete within an allotted time frame (say a couple weeks or even a holiday weekend, depending upon the setup rules). The hypnotists compete to have successful online trance sessions with as many subject participants as possible while the subjects attempt to have sessions with as many different hypnotists as possible. The game is in good fun but give subjects a wide variety of hypnotic experiences and the hypnotists a chance to work with a variety of folks in a playful environment. While there are several other rules, a couple key ones are that all trances must be consensual with no drive-bye trance jockies, that there may not be erotic suggestions or imagery in the trances (although outside of the game, many of the players do use such imagery in their trance sessions with one another, it is considered bad form to jump into such things with folks you do not know or in a game context that is not intended as an erotic exploration), and that the hypnotists may not use trigger words to induce a subject (it is considered cheating a bit).

One thing I find interesting is that last bit. The one where you cannot use a trigger with a subject who is conditioned to respond to one. You see, I believe that once a person is conditioned to respond hypnotically (that is, to interact imaginatively in a trance context to a set condition), then the actual trigger no longer becomes important. We can take advantage of pre-existing conditioning via the use of a sleight trigger . . . that is, we use the trigger response without actually using the original trigger. We need only engage the person imaginatively to the idea of responding as if by a trigger, and that is enough.

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